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Post your Mesmer pics here

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Nicholai Cocoxenite, human Mesmer.

Ascalonian casterx5sjiyZ.jpg

Aetherblade TaskmasterbD3s7y2.jpg

White Mantle Abbot (ghostform can be found in Aurora's Remains)dj2RJEM.jpg

Ascalonian mesmerbBPOEez.jpg

Priest of Kormirc4zIe2A.jpg

''Shining Blade'' mesmer, based on Concept art.ysxsZ7A.jpg

Mesmer mentor, found in Ebonhawke. (not anymore)pmT80d7.jpg


Priory uniformMBDwsS7.jpgAlternative Priory uniformd1poMSk.jpg

Priest of LyssamZRTnWF.jpg

Holy prayerSUrc5fx.jpg

Devoted of Illusions082tBB8.jpg

White Mantle MesmerM6sJOUs.jpg

Royal illusionistH9SKcD9.jpg

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Damn, how large is your monitor! :o And with small UI as well. I love the first image in particular. Yeah basic mounts are beautiful - and actually I prefer the sound effects of the basic skimmer. The star one has a surprisingly annoying jingle (sounds like dumbbell chimes or similar glittery sound effect) every time you press the jump button. Compared with the whoosh sound effect of default skimmer, I prefer the default - nicer on the ears. At least the visuals make up for it but would love an option to set the sound effects to default. :)

Just thought that worth mentioning for anyone who is on the fence about the star skins and who may be bothered by this sound effect.

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Hrijn Eivorsdottir

Daughter of a skaald, Eivor, the 'Wailing Valkyrie of the Shiverpeaks' was known to many as a mirage flickering on a distant mountain-peak. When Hrijn was born, she was blessed by snow leopard but is a favourite of Raven. She is often heard in echoing hymns and sagas of the Spirits of the Wild in the valleys and vales that criss-cross the great mountain range--a past-time she once shared with her mother.




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@"cptaylor.2670" said:I’d love to post mine later but need a reminder on how to get the image to show up here. I click the little chain link thing and post the imgur link but it only ever posts the link and not the picture.

I paste the direct link in the image drop down box (last icon on the right above the reply box).

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@"Svennis.3852" said:@"HisRoyalDudeness.8637"How do you get such good, dynamic screenshots? ToT

  • Change your GW2 shortcut path to "D:\Games\Guild Wars 2\Gw2-64.exe" -bmp (example of my path) for higher quality screenshot output
  • Set your in-game details to Best Appearance (obviously)
  • Find a nice place with a suitable background and lighting to compliment your character's appearance. Find the right angle for the lighting (I like my character facing the source of light directly, with the shadow coming at my back)
  • Play with the zoom, Field of View, Horizontal Position, Vertical Position Near and Vertical Position Far to achieve the highest resolution possible for what you want to be on the screenshot. Hide your UI.
  • Spam the Print Screen button.. A lot! Try different angles, different weapon animations, different utility skills etc. Try to get a feeling for spamming the PS button (if you spam it too fast, depending on your PC, you might overload your setup and get like 6 screenshots of the same character position, only wih a slightly different lighting. Aim for maximum frames throughout the whole skill animation).
  • Go through all the screenshots (really quickly, couple of seconds for each frame to see if it's interesting in any way) and move the ones you kinda like more than the rest to a different folder. Repeat once again till you get only the best of the best.
  • Play with the colours a bit in a graphics editor. For example, Heart of the Mists location is oversaturated like hell, so if you take the screenshots there, a slight desaturation of colours might help.. Just play with different setups and see what you like.
  • Post it on forums for all of us to see how fabulous your character is!

And remember, don't go slow on the screenshots. I took several hundred of them, reduced them to like 30 better-looking ones and picked the ones that matched thematically with what I was aiming for.

Adding examples of unedited (and in a need of cropping) overly dynamic screenshots that didn't make it to the final cut:O1m2HPN.jpgKYh4MMc.jpg

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