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Basic beginners guide to leveling.


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I noticed that some people don't know how to level, or level faster then usual. Some people stay dormant in their levels and are stuck at around 60- 70. I thought a few pointers would help, and if anyone wants to add anything you can. First off if you want to level old school without mounts it will be slower however, we all as older users leveled quickly without mounts.Starting as a beginner with no other characters at 80, always do the hearts you see and finish them before you leave. I think this gives one of the top effectiveness for exp. Your first ten levels will be very fast if you do the hearts. Another way is, while you are leveling up, find a merchant with gathering tools. A merchant is someone with coins on the map. Each time you mine, forge, or get lumber it is exp. So while going places and completing the hearts on the map, gather everything. It will also be beneficial since once you get to lions arch at lvl 30 I believe. You can start crafting which is also an effecting way to gain levels, so once you get there look up crafting guides for best ways to level. Map completion. While you do all this, complete the map you are on before you go to the next. However if you have to do your story, do that first, because story also is an automatic level boost. Depending how low your character is, is how much levels it will gain. Once your done go back to the map and finish it.

  • Exp for discovering new zones.
  • Exp for Vista points.
  • EXP for Point of interest.
  • EXP for Hero points.
  • EXP for Killing mosters.
  • EXP for Doing the map events, however if you see a random orangish, yellowish circle go to it. Its a lot of exp. If you think it gets too unorganized then don't do them. Stay with what your were doing and finish your heart, and then go to it.
  • Crafting. Look up gw2 crafting guides for beginners. Do not buy anything since you just started. You don't want to be broke when you want to gain money as a starter. Just gather materials and craft what you have.
  • PVP
  • WVW I would give better details however more people have better knowledge on it. I have seen a video on fast leveling but I can not find it at this time. If someone would ad that it would be nice. There is a way I believe in wvw where you can convert wvw currencies to experience points. If I figure that out later I will update this.

    Now that you know the basics I would say your good, but theres other ways if you think that way is boring. Theres also pvp. I believe every 3 matches you can get 1 tome of knowledge. However it goes according to the map selected for pvp. Tome of knowledge is an instant level boost. Keep those until you get closest to the end of 80. And how many you levels you need is how many tomes you will get. I wouldn't say just do pvp because there can be dry moments when the tome doesn't appear. And it will definately cause frustration to people. So all I say is before your ready to get off, do about 3 pvp unranked matches. Which can be from 5 to 10 mins a match which varies how competitive the teams are.

Another is dailies, dailies, dailies. I wish I did them when I started but I didn't. It is 2 gold each time you finish. Within 30 days of just doing quick dailies, you get 60 gold. And you also get writs of exp. Depending on how many dailies you do is how many writs you can get. As a new player you can prob get from 3 to 5 writs. Once you get 20 writs, you go to lions arch and create those into 1 tome of knowledge. So within 4 to 10 days you get 1 level added to your character.

Another is once you hit level 30 go to the dungeon it says to go. Go to the lfg, or press y. And on the dungeon type a description for help and someone will most likely join you for the dungeon. Dungeons have mats, money, and since its lot of monsters you get exp. And you get exp when you finish, and get achievements.

Once you get to level 60 you can use your tomes, or if you have more then enough tomes just use at whichever level to 80. Once you are at 60 or higher I would say start doing pvp matches. Since at that time leveling would be slower. Also by that time you should have laurels. Please dont use all because you will regret it. use only if you think leveling is getting slow. In lions arch get some exp boosters from the laurels. If you don't know what laurels are click the letter I and your inventory will show up. After that click the coins on the bottom left of your inventory. Then it will show all currencies in the game. Laurels is the green leafy symbol. Then once your in lions are there is an exact symbol in lions arch. That is where you spend your laurels. The boosters will kill the time. Do not use the boosters if you are at level 40 and lower. Use them around 50. If you did at 40 or lower you would be wasting them, and you don't want to waste laurels. Doin gall these, you should be close to level 80 or already there.

If you wanted a speed through basic guide this is not it. This is ways just to understand the leveling machanics in gw2. The Pacing can also determine by class type. Depending how fast your class can run is how fast you get done with hearts and finding new zones.

Find a guild, please find a guild. AS much as I played for a while alone. Being with a guild or friend makes EVERYTHING easier. They give advice. They party with you. They find more friends to help you. They give you crafting stuff to help you out. They might even give you gold. Some give armor, or weapons. Just find a good one. Guild, Guild, Guild. Find one for more enjoyment.

All these are effected. Since your new I would say good luck, and have fun. Do not go fast through things. You need to understand the game instead of speeding through everything. If your not new then you can speed through it. But since your not then, take your time learning your class. Fall in love with it. Fall in love with the maps you are on. No one is rushing you. If someone is then the person isnt for you. Its an mmo, and mmos don't need to be rushed. Theres a reason why theres no sub fee for the game. Do what you gotta do and play the game.

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