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The Predator Needs Improvement

ll Wrath ll.5961

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I just finished The Predator legandary rifle for my deadeye. I love it, but I noticed that the trail left behind wile running around is next to non existant for the most part. It is hardly visible due to the size od the footprints it leaves behing(smallest I have seen for a legandary) and especially due to the spacing in between each footprint which seems to be a good 5 steps apart. I also have the Frostfang legendary and the trail that leaves behind has slightly larger footprints and the footprints are WAY more frequent(every one step). I know with path of fire just released everything non PoF related will be at the bottom of this list, but it would be nice to see an improvment on this. Especially after the time and gold I spent on making this, it would be nice to be 100% happy with it.

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