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The Ghost Rite: Thadeus Ghostrite

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I know the voiceactor strike affected even Arenanet, but I can't help but think this is an audio bug.Clearly, Anet had to change Thadeus's original voice actor, but you guys forgot to put any filter or sound effect on his voice to make him sound undead! This is an old instance (original personal story), but the casual dude talking as the new voice actor was hard to tell apart from Gixx and Threaherne.

Giving Anet the benefit of the doubt here. Going to say this must be an audio bug where they forgot to put a filter on the new voice actor's voice, like the old one had, and not imply they simply were lazy and thought no one would care about the old PS anymore.

If you guys intended Thadeus Ghostrite to sound like the wraith he is during combat, you forgot the filter.

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