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SB vs SB


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Hey fellow warriors, just wanted to hop in and see how everyone is feeling from a SB point of view in wvw roaming.

I'm having a fun time so far playing d/sh with h/gs fighting all these new specs and stuff but one thing I didn't expect to be horrible imo is fighting another spellbreaker 1v1. Omg it's such a boring fight, worst than fighting annoying thief and Mesmer builds. It's a giant game of countering counter and waiting out invulns. It was worst than 2 stealth heavy thieves dueling lol.

But aside from that, it's been a nice change of gameplay with spell breaker, just wanted to see how others are feeling about it for wvw roaming.

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I've ran both str and def but yea just like u said, not just cause of scout she but condies everywhere in general, I stuck with def.

Still messing with a lot of weapon combos, everything is pretty fun so far, surprised that hammer m/sh is working out pretty good for me. Being able to bait people back towards me with counter helps with the lack of mobility since I don't have to chase after them, just make them chase towards me instead. And with the super speed we get now on top of mace and hammer being able to land some hard hitting cc blows, it makes a deadly lockdown build.

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I love fighting other SB's lol its hilarious. Been having so much fun testing out new builds roaming in wvw.

Heavy Block/Stunlocks:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQRApc4enMdAVhgdhAu6CciglrADJAkAKAK5gEXNAfDHiPxA-jVCGABBq+zUKBx/BAUm+B7PCAqv/w9nAAAOIAEp8jUAaOGA-w(So many reflects, stuns, blocks. One fun thing I found out is most cannot tell the difference between Full Counter yet. So I will bait out a mace block, than while they think they are safe make them eat a Full Counter)

Leap Barrier: Now this one is something I found to be just so out of the blue, most go "wth?". Basically with your three leaps on dagger/shield you can get three barriers at any time with the bow fire field.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAT4enMdAVhgdhAu6CciglrADJAkAKA4d4Q8JOpDsB6fA-jVCFQBA4CAsvDCgfUCmHdDUS9HC8AAsiyP+dEAA5+DkCQzxAA-w

Crit Evis Burst: pretty simple, just like the a/sh burst build. just uses d/sh for second set. Start in d/sh, get your stuns in (build adrenaline) swap to axe->eviscerate-->wastrels ruin-->full counter. Usually kills them. If not, hit sight beyond sight and have another crit eviscerate.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQRAnY4enMdAVhgdhA26CciglrADJAkAKAK5gWXNAvDHiTxA-jVCFABFq+Ta6H2/IAgwJAg/DCASK/cf/BAeAAXpEkUAaOGA-w

Mace Bait: Now this one, just abuses mace block+ full counter+ wastrels ruin burst. Like with build one, you can bait their attack with mace block, hit with full counter, than quickly wastrel for a nice burst.http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQRApY4enMdAVhgdhA26CciglrADJAkAKAK5gWXNAvDHiPxA-jFCHABzfEACT/AAnAAz3f4Jlg0/QA6T9HgU+RKANHDA-w

Most of these are one on one roaming builds. But can easily handle up to 3 opponents. Just need to prioritize who you attack.

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