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Hacked Account Recently

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If your account has been compromised, you should read the Security articles found in the Knowledge Base, accessed via the 'Support' link above/below and 'Search - Security'.

Also, usually when game accounts are compromised the associated email account is compromised, as well. Make sure to change all passwords on sensitive accounts.

Good luck.

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Just to let you know and to help you secure your password even tighter guild wars 2 website, client and guild wars 1 passwords accept both ascii and unicode so you could say for example make a password that looked like this: ƜDŽdžƳƵƍƏ toss you in some numbers some upper & lower case as well as the normal symbols I bet you wont see anyone compromise your account ever again. I wish more games and websites would support this. Unicode isn't the same per country a korean country would need an American keyboard to type it and like for example hold down alt then on keypad type alt+ 0919 that equals ¿ you get that lil sucker. All of unicode text are typed that way other than say using Microsoft utility "character map" to piece it together then copy/paste it. That's the only ways it can be typed. Just harder to remember but the most secure passwords you can't remember.

But you'll have to contact support to get it all cleared up be patient with them.Some how back in may 2014 idk why but in 2014 there was massive account hacks going on anet denied a breach, but I really wonder it was like everyday was massive amounts. We talking like 10 accounts or more a day for like 2 months or so getting cracked and stolen i even fell victim, still to this day i can not figure out how they got into my account without a breach on anet's side. Cause I'm very careful person and very big security nut with what i put on my pc i never click links from my email from games without analyzing the address first. Still to this day i can't figure out how they got in my account. (either anet had a breach and refused to admit it or was someone on the inside selling off peoples info for some side cash. Just my speculation I can't prove it but I really wonder because there was multitudes affected back in 2014, enough to make me raise my eye brow in a concerned way.

Took them bout 3-5 days give or take countless msgs from both me and them. They'll need all your data cd keys proof of purchase everything you'd expect them to want to prove you really are the owner. Also I requested an email change, i don't even get gw2 phishing msgs anymore once I switched my email address from what it was assigned to. If you got a back up I'd recommend you request that as well. That there will cut any data dumps out that might be floating round on dark web if this is the case and from where they got info from of your compromise this will solve that problem. As data dumps these hackers use is usually in big ol list of user names and passwords and what they are connected to. In GW2 case user name is your email so they get it easy be amazed at all the people use same password every where lol.Bad idea.

Anyways, good luck and like I said stay calm, patient take your time with anet be polite and respectful it goes along ways with real people. Might come out better than what it was before the hack they rolled my account back to far to a date like right before i bought gems so i lost all gems all the items i had legitimately bought with the gems also so I hit em up told them the truth showed my gem purchase proof one the gms told me they usually don't refund the gems because makes sense hurt economy alot if using them to get gold I understood that so I just told em gonna spend them on exact same things which was all gem store stuff no gold. They gave me back like 100$ worth of gems I was only needing $50 refunded but still I spent them on gem items they never touched the economy side. Gifted few friends item or 2 just sharing the joy i suppose.

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@xLiFToFF.5938 said:Unsure who has ran into this problem, but my account was recently hacked. Just curious if someone else has the same problem.

Your account has not been hacked, it was most likely hijacked (not the same thing).

How to avoid getting your account hijacked:

  1. Learn how to configure Windows properly to make it more secure so that nothing can install without your knowledge.

  2. Learn to configure your web browser properly for the same purpose (like don't allow every script to be automatically executed).

  3. Install the right software to keep your system protected and warn you of possible threats. (I recommend Avast Free Antivirus, Spybot, and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall.)

  4. Adjust your browsing habits. Don't click on every link sent to you and don't visit insecure websites (Avast should help with the latter).

  5. Check every e-mail's true source to avoid falling for phishing attempts.

  6. Don't share any account information (login etc.) with anyone.

  7. Never log into your account on public computers or anyone else's computer that you don't know for sure is virus-free.

  8. Use common sense when using a computer. People need to treat their computers not like daily tools but like something that harbors an important part of their life (like sensitive account information, for instance).

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@xLiFToFF.5938 said:Appreciate all the info guys Also I was not on my PC mate. .

That don't matter your account is on a computer. Most legitimate account stealers get your data from other sources. I was re-thinking that 2014 deal I remember think was round that time NCSoft had a data breach. I never thought about having my gw1 account info stolen from ncsoft side as gw1 was originally ran through ncsoft accounts, even game purchases and billing information. So anet may not directly had a data breach, but their publisher did. So the thief's they are not unintelligent. Anyone that has a gw1 account has probably assigned it to a gw2 account aswell, they both use same username and pw. All they had to do was test and see. So that could have been a huge factor in what i had seen in 2014. Also including my deal.

But to be honest sounds to me you un-knowingly went through a phishing link that was a clone of the new forum. You probably had type in your information rather than having cookie or form data auto-fill in data? That's always a good sign you are on a bad site if data doesn't always auto-fill unless you dont keep that data due to computer sharing. I'm only one uses my pc so not a problem. Even if you used cell phone mobile device or just plain ol pc type in the data dont matter because username pw going to be same no matter what device you use. All the hijacker/hacker/cracker wants is the username and pw they dont care what you typed it with.That's really what it sounds like to me, because you say it happened after the new forums update. Them hijackers are crafty don't underestimate them.

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