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Is there another Expansion in the works?

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@"smashgodlight.6584" said:If am not mistaken they told as months ago that for now we will keep on going to living story from living story ! Some people don't like that but I think its cool the fact that they give you "free" content and it build up the excitement ! Many said that the next season will be a fail before even playing it but I feel like it will be a build up for a new expansion ! Obviously a LS season takes up to a year from start to finish so for the next year 2019-2020 we will have LS episodes but not to promise anything if there's going to be an expansion there is going to be a teaser/trailer for the expansion at the last episode of the season !

I mean ok this year they did almost the same with aurine flying away but didn't really showed the upcoming "dangers" ! Personally I have high hopes and I feel like the next season is promising but I wish for it to be good in terms of content !

Its closer to 2 years with the 4 months release cadence + breaks for hollidays and festivals etc.

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@"Vlad Morbius.1759" said:"Mike Zadorojny.7058 ArenaNet ›

January 8, 2019We talked about wanting to release expansion level stories and features over the next couple years. Our goal is to create powerful moments like the final instance of this episode that are a culmination of multiple departments and raise the bar for what it means to be a Guild Wars 2 experience."

The more i read this quote the more i'm beginning to think that once again LS is being staged to replace expansions which failed miserably in the past. I'm hoping i'm wrong on this because i distinctly remember reading there were multiple teams, some working on LS and some working on expansions, unfortunately i can't find that quote. Anyway without telling us the who, what, where , when and why can you (Anet) at least confirm there is another expansion being developed?

I don't understand why they would change their expansion purchasing style if they don't intend to release another expansion.Like, why make the earlier stages/stories of the game more accessible for a Living World story that is limited to being given out for free for only a small amount of time for moments that fulfill gaps in information that are fun to puzzle out a mystery if you are a story lover until big story and content drops (until recently with LWS4).

Living World is nice for a story lover who is always itching for more, even if it is small and filled with various smaller/larger character development and general mystery about why things are happening.Like, Living World S2 and S3 were really fantastic.Why?

Well, in both of these stories you are just following a trail of bread crumbs. Yeah, there is bosses and baddies and there is information but bigger than that is that all of these trails eventually lead you to a big baddy reveal.

S2 lead you to Mordremoth and the real reason there were Sylvari losing their marbles and into the expansion where you had one focus and one goal, very obvious progression of do whatever it takes to get to the Big Baddy. You learned all the smaller details you needed in the living world that fulfills more for a story loving player but one that isn't required for those that do not love the story.

S3 was quite the same, you were following a trail and confused and eventually you have your big baddy reveal of Balth and the truth of what he is doing. You fought big enemies along the way and did a lot of good, but you did all your small learning and growth in the LW. A nice set up and bridge gap to the next big bad.

Why do what they did with LWS4 and completely undermine that kind of soft setup into big Expacs?Why change their buy model of the expansions to make the game more accessible if they don't intend to create another one?

Announcing an expansion and then mentioning a change in the buy model would have been a fantastic way to entice new players!"After Living World Season 5 releases, it will lead you to the next big chapter in the GW2 universe Blank Expansion but to know where this expansion is going to be taking you, you'll have to follow the story laid out in LWS5 and here is a sneak peak." Then drop the fantastic trailer they dropped today.Then after that drop the "With a new expansion on the table, we want it to be easier than ever to start your story journey in the GW2 universe. We once made the journey into the base story easier and now we would like to make that entry easier again, so from today onwards Path Of Fire will be the only purchase you need to make because it will now not only unlock the base game but Heart of Thorns content as well and for those with only Path of Fire can expect to have HoT unlocked for you., etc."

It just doesn't make sense to make the world we all love easier to get into if there isn't something genuinely huge.The live show is concerning and these changes are concerning for what little they mentioned to giving to us.This does not instill faith about their commitment for the game.

That being said, I have no intention of jumping ship.Jumping ship does not fix the game, that kind of behavior can end the game and that kind of dramatic response does not get ANet to change their minds.That kind of response makes them not take you seriously, but enough well constructed criticisms by people not fueled by hate and negative emotions are going to do more to get this game the care and love it needs.

This announcement wasn't really for people who already are part of this game, it is for someone who is thinking about joining this game who doesn't realize that Living Worlds aren't huge or big expansions and perhaps sees the concept of free story/content drops as a wonderful selling point to the game especially if you are short on funds and this buy model change enforces that.

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Sagas are the new expansions. That was the whole point of yesterday's fiasco. An expansion-like live event. But without revealing any expansion-like features it fell flat on its kitten.

Notice the new Icebrood GW2 logo?Just like the game logo changed for HoT and PoF. I'd wager we are getting a new character screen with Prologue too.

And I wouldn't be so sure it will follow the same format and cadence as LS. WP's youtube recap mentions they might go for smaller content releases over more episodes than 6.

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Didn't both expansions tank pretty bad though? I remember reading they didn't do too well. It's not hard to say why they are trying other routes.Expansions are at the end of the day a mix of new story, new places, new cosmetics and new systems. If they do it all at once or in pieces isn't important to me, as long as we get them.

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I'm completely disappointed in what was delivered and how despite all the warnings and cautionary comments given to Anet they still chose to step in it. Management just cannot see that this isn't what we are interested in and that this format isn't what their player base, the people who support their very livelihood want! I am hoping beyond hope that someone steps in here to take the reigns and lead this team back to where it needs to be because frankly it seems like they are riding the pines so to speak.There has been so much wasted potential in a game that should still be seeing massive growth and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of the management group who continue to take the wrong turn at almost every junction.
There are huge opportunities to continue to grow this franchise and yet, they choose to idle and piss away opportunities that could generate huge player and cash infusions. My hope is that this finally clicks with someone in the corporate office and they take the necessary steps to reinvigorate this franchise. Look what Blizzard has done with WoW classic, listened to the player base (albeit took a while) and it has generated massive interest, this is a much older franchise people and it's thriving.

I think the only way we can help save this franchise is to pepper the corporate entities with e-mails, tweets, letters, posts, telling them how much we would be willing to support the growth of GW2 if they would just be honest up front and continue to pour resources into building this up. This is still one of the best Western MMO's in existence and there are boatloads of money to still be made. I wouldn't hesitate to pay for an expansion up front if it would contain the features people have clamored for, if they road mapped all of it out honestly regardless of whether it would still be another 2 years away. This is a great game that is sorely being mismanaged, period!

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@Healix.5819 said:

@derd.6413 said:There's reasons for anet to put more time between xpacs, there's no reason for them to cancel xpaxs

GW1 Utopia was cancelled.

Utopia was not an Expac!!! It was going to be a stand alone connectable game they call a Campaign. Utopia is in GW2 with the Chronomancer and some other stuff. They wanted to add things the Original game could not do Like Jumping, Falling, gliding, mounts, and dodging.They used that as the reason GW2 would be made. Now for GW1 players for some It was too different than the original game so some disliked GW2.

To be honest GW1 did not follow the prescribed formula for what an MMORPG followed and neither does GW2 Why does everything that makes a game have to be coming from Expansions? The living world is brilliant it adds more content than most expansions ever hope to add and its continuous. Don't worry another expansion is coming, but did u ever stop to think the living world also gives them time to make sure any expansion will be great.

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