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Firebrand All Mantras bug with Mount


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Date and time of bug: 9/28/17, 11:00 pm Hawaii TimeName of map: Desert HighlandsCharacter name, level, race, profession: Emmett Refareal, level 80/206 mastery, Human, FirebrandNot in a group.

There is a bug with the Mantra of Flame. I have tested all the mantras and there is a bug with only Mantra of Flames. The bug is that when I am on the final charge of the mantra, I mount up, allow the mantra to charge up, I dismount and there are 3 charges but it is on its final charge icon. I activate the mantra and it goes on cooldown instead of using a charge. I have linked the image of the bug. In the image you will see the Mantra of Flame on my number 8 utility with the final charge icon with three available charges. I hope this will help you identify the issue to allow a fix. DK4ZRLGUIAA1FQf.jpg

Thank you for your time.

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