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[Suggestion] Improve action camera

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Action camera is fun. Problem is few people use it because it puts you at a disadvantage.

Here's a few ideas to fix this:

  1. Fix the downed bug. In PvP Action camera ( AC for short ) will try to lock onto people who are downed even when you are aiming at the enemy who is ressing them. This makes interrupting the res needlessly difficult. This bug has existed for quite some time.

  2. Remove the backwards movement penalty in combat when using action camera. There is absolutely no reason for this to exist when using action camera, and is probably the single biggest offender in why people can't use this thing. In tab target mode you can run away and drop AoEs behind yourself. This is not possible with AC. Why does the more skill-based targeting system also have a lower potential? Makes absolutely no sense.

  3. Give players a small reward for using it. It doesn't have to be ( and shouldn't be ) a big advantage, just something like abilities landed while using AC have a +3% crit chance. This way to potential would be higher to reflect the skill needed but not such a big advantage that players who prefer tab/default feel slighted.

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For the first thing, yes, it's extremely annoying. The only thing I've found to circumvent it is to run a distance away from the downed person (usually 100-300 range away).

As for number two, I've never noticed this. When I'm leveling my engineer I'm able to run away and throw my grenades at the same time. The whole backing up thing only happens when I get into melee range of an enemy and hit them while in range.

I disagree with your third suggestion. Having any feature give any sort of advantage over the other is a big no-no. It would make players who use the traditional targeting system cry out en mass just because of they way they prefer to play.

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