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non-TS guild [sV] recruiting [EU]


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We are about 15 members searching for other people with the same mindset^^We refuse to use any voice chat programmes such as TS, Discord, Skype etc.Why?Well some people (like me) simply can't use those programmes or don't want to use them. Some people would rather listen to music, some people are shy, some people can't use it because of a disability etc etc (there are many reasons)

We will mostly focus on PvE content such as Meta events, world bosses, fractals, dungeons etc.Not planning for raids at the moment but maybe in the future.Our guild missions are on friday 19.00 CEST/CETWe are currently deciding on which guild hall to claim.Our member cap is 100 at the moment.We got no age requirement, but also we want you to have a mature attitude.Representing is also not required but it would be nice to see :)

So if you're searching for a home and want to build this guild up with us then give me a whisper (Kaori Shiina)

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