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[Spoiler] [Suggestion] Balthazar needs a challenge mode

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So, I've finished the story recently and man, the battle against Balthazar was quite a blast. At least when it comes to movement and effects. But what I've seen is, that Balthazar barely deals any damage and with Sohothin as weapon, the boss is basicly a free kill. So what I would love to see is a challenge mode starter before facing Balthy. This boss is so much fun designwhise and it would be a shame to not having a challenge mode.

What I would suggest to change for the challenge mode is:

  • remove Sohothin from the player so he has to fight with his own weapon
  • since Sohothins damage is insane, Balthazar and his minions, pylons and cages might need a small health nerf to compensate the weapon loss
  • increase the damage of Balthazars ability by roughly 300% or maybe a bit more because right now, the damage tingles even a zerker character.
  • reduce the amount of protective bubbles that are getting spawned by Aurene over time
  • Aurene overcharges herself less times so the player wont get the damage buff so often
  • reduce the time window between Balthazars oneshot kill attack and the chance to interrupt him so the player has to free Aurene faster

What do you thing about such an challenge mode? I personally love the design of the encounter but it could be so much more challenging with these suggested changes for a challenge mode in my opinion. I mean, it is the God of War so the player should feel like facing a (usually unbeatable) god.

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