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A good place to come back?


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Hey guys... just looking for some opinions here and figured it wouldn't hurt to get a discussion going a bit :)

I haven't played GW2 seriously in a very long time. It has always been one of my "side" MMO's. I never reached max level in the original (i have a 72 guardian, a few 50's, etc.) but i still enjoyed the game in the bits i played (mainly pve, but i have nothing against pvp).

I bought HoT but never really did much with it. Count it as bad timing but i had a lot going on in my life around the time it came out and immediately after so i didn't have a lot of time to invest in a good MMO. I still have my 80 boost even... i used it on several characters for that "tutorial" sort of place but really the only elite spec that i was really interested was Reaper... and i've never really been a necro main so i had a hard time getting into the idea of it. (i play melee in these sorts of games 90% of the time so i'm more interested in guardian/warrior/thief/etc.).

So now PoF is out... and not only do i have a 9 day vacation coming up in a couple weeks (wooo!) but i'm actually kinda interested in several of these elite specs (holosmith, spellbreaker, holosmith, mirage, weaver, Soulbeast and oddly enough, even kinda deadeye... and holosmith cough).

The mounts etc. look cool too, of course, and Nightfall was my favorite guild wars expansion so that is a plus.

I'm WOEFULLY behind on the story, though. And, again, i don't have any characters at max level (though i still have that boost to burn... and do i get a 2nd with the PoF purchase?).

I'm just curious if its a good place to dip back in or not. And if i do should i try clearing older areas/stories/etc., maybe do the HoT areas, etc. before hitting Elona?

Should i just stick to leveling up my old characters? Or, hell, make new ones? Or should i jump straight in with my boost(s) like... on a holosmith... or something?

Ty for any advice all. Always fun to see an expansion come out for a game i have some fond memories of :)

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I advise leveling up your original toons, as they will have waypoints and destinations from across Tyria, also join a casual guild so you can get advice on best what you're trying to accomplish while you play. After you get a main pc to level 80, then try out the HoT boost. it will be loaded with gear to get you started in HoT and give you the first mission so you can get the first gliding mastery. At that point you can pause the HoT story and start the PoF story and also do the first mission to obtain the raptor mount. After that, it is whatever you want to focus on. The gliding and mount masteries are account bound, so that gives you gliding and mounts for ALL your toons. :) -- if you want to go back to your main toons, they now will have gliding and mounts. :)

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