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Loss of Elemental attunement in new area if mounted


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When our elementalist is riding, e.g. on Raptor, and crosses a portal between two explorable areas or uses the map travel to a waypoint inside the new area, then current elemental attunement becomes lost and resets to Fire (F1). You may not notice this if a hero has been attuned to fire, but any other attunement resets. If we cross a portal on foot or use the map travel without mount, then current attunement isn't changed as usual. Also please note (this may help somehow): if we use the map travel within current area, we keep our mounted state; while when we map travel to another area, hero becomes dismounted even if mounts are permitted at the destination point. So, forced dismount always correlates to loss of attunement.

Attunement should remain unchanged, whether we go to new area on foot or on mount.

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I can confirm this as well on my weaver, as it's quite annoying having to reapply my elemental attunement combination every time I go to a new area. When PoF launched it used to happen whenever you dismounted which put me off playing my weaver, even in the same zone, but that seems to have been fixed.

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