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Let's Show ArenaNet Our Love and Support

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The layoffs are common knowledge at this point. Many of us are still reeling at the loss of folks we've come to see as family, especially those of us who've been playing since GW1. I'd like to invite you all to gather at the frog pond in LA this Saturday, at 12 noon PST (3pm for those of us on the East Coast) to share memories and celebrate the time we had with all those affected. If there are any guilds that would like to donate banners or the like, please let me know.

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Just an FYI. This was posted on GW2 Reddit 2/26. Wasn't sure if you were aware if it, and wanted to join in it, or continue to have a 2nd one on Saturday as you've discussed above. The in-game contact is mentioned below.

Love4Arenanet; A Goodbye in Lions arch[Event]In light of recent news from ArenaNet, the community is planning a gathering for Thursday in Lion's Arch.Thursday 28th of FebruaryEU: 17:00 UTC | 18:00 CETNA: 17:00 ESTContact in game: Phamy.2783 and Nyxantheos

We are hoping to gather as many players as possible to show our support and love to those leaving ArenaNet and take as many wonderful screenshots as possible to commemorate all the beautiful and fun things we have come to love and appreciate about the game. The screens will later be posted on twitter, face book and the dedicated gw2 wiki page.Both events will be around 3 hours long to give players the opportunity to get to Lion's Arch and remember all the good times we had together.

Feel free to share this with as many gw2 players, as we would love to see a big crowd! Also: bring tonics and boxes of fun and any other fun items in the game to make this a joyful farewell event!

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