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Apologies about "Shades!"

Gaile Gray.6029

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Hey Necromancer Friends,

Just a note to confirm something you may already have noticed: The words "shades" and "shade" are now 100% usable on the forums. They were added to the filter by accident -- strangely, nothing whatever to do with Hades, either! -- and they have been removed. Irenio noticed the weird censoring of the word, too, and I was glad to assure him that the words are good to go.

If y'all ever notice strangeness with the Kittenizer (what I call our word filter) don't hesitate to post on the Bugs subforum or drop me a PM.

Edit to add: Oh, and the neat thing is that by removing the words, they now appear in un-kittenized form, so your previous posts are in the clear.

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@Etterwyn.5263 said:

@"Gaile Gray.6029" said:Hey, I love the idea of Sand Kittens. In fact, I'm going to suggest it! ;)

Well, Sand Lions are a thing in the game...

Though if for April Fool's, sand shades have meowing kittens instead of moaning people in them, that will be the greatest one yet.

This HAS to happen! <3

I flagged this post as "Helpful". "Helpful" because its an awesome idea and hilarious and "helped" put me in a better mood.Endorsed!

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Oh man, you got my hopes up regarding Power Reaper with a title like that Gaile, thats ok I'm still holding out hope that my choice supporting Joko (praise be his name) will pay off in Season 4 when it is he that will buff my Power Reaper into the PVE Meta! Why wouldn't the magnificent all beloved Joko want us Necros to get our gnarled grasp on shiny legendary threads?

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