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Hello everyone :)

I already bought the GW2 soundtrack and the HoT soundtrack.

  1. Does someone know when we'll be able to purchase the PoF soundtrack?
  2. A few songs are missing on the already existing albums. Like this one:
    Where can we get the missing songs? I want EVERY GW2 song available. It sounds silly, but I have sleeping problems and the GW2 soundtack helps me to fall asleep because it's so relaxing. If I can get my hands on more songs I would be really happy :)
  3. Is there any way to get the original music from GW1 somehow? But I don't wanna spend 68€ on the CD, that's way too much. Can we download the old songs somewhere legally? I wouldn't mind buying those songs....but not for 68€ just because the CD is rare nowadays x.x Downloading them would be enough for me, I don't need a CD.

Thanks in advance for helping me :)

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