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PoF story - only single-player use?

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I've noticed an uncomfortable pattern in PoF. You see, I do not go through story alone - we have a group of four who tend to go trough story together (especially since some members of our group are not that good in language, so others can fill in the gaps for them right away). It was all well before, however, in PoF there is no ability for others to see what NPC are talking about when instance owner is talking with them and the lines are not voiced - by that I mean dialogs where instance owner has options of dialog like asking questions or giving opinion about something. Sometimes same absence of dialog occurs even when text lines are voiced - but you're not the instance owner, so the NPCs turn to you and stare, and while instance owner actually hears what they say and sees it in chat, you remain oblivious. It happened with our group in part 2 of PoF story a lot when we talked with Dragon Watch members occasionally, and she could see read and hear what we couldn't.If I recall correctly, previously other members of the group could see what NPCs were saying in ordinaty player-to-NPC dialog - they couldn't choose what to say in dialog, obviously, but at least they could read and could interact with NPCs, and saw dialogs when instance owner started them. And yet, now when we tried to go through PoF missions, we found out that it wasn't the thing anymore. NPCs only revealed their texts to the instance owner, so we had to make a group call and read it aloud to others, which is kind of... inconvenient, I'd say.

Therefore, I want to ask whether we were unlucky enough to catch an enormous bug or is it how things are going to be done from now on?

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