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[EU] Room Seventeen [RsT] Hardcore Raiding Guild


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Room Seventeen[RsT] Recruitment

Recruitment Status: CLOSED

Hello Everyone!

Want to read our recruitment post and be directly in touch with us at the same time? Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/bBF2ffz .

Recruitment closed due to Summerbreak

About Us

We are a hardcore raiding guild born out of a core that has raided since release. Our raiding activities include lowmans, speedkills and a lot of testing. Besides raids, many of us run fractals on an almost daily basis. You might have seen us selling the Shattered Observatory CM. We sold several Archdesigners and a bunch of LNHB as a group of 3 at the release of the fractal and were one of the first to do so.

Raiding Schedule

Our current fixed raid days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7pm UK Time. Sponteanous raids and lowmans at any given time are possible and organized by the members participating in them. Raids on other days for raids are possible and will be decided by our planner and the signups!

Latest Kill Videos

Desmina (Soulless Horror) 6-man (2:36 Left)

Matthias Weekly Kill

On Twitch&Youtube

You can find some of our weekly clears, kills and other stuff below.

[RsT]Beery: http://tinyurl.com/RsTBeeryYt[RsT]Parnie: https://tinyurl.com/RsTParnieYt & https://tinyurl.com/RsTParnieTwitch[RsT]Cypher: http://tinyurl.com/RsTCypherYt[RsT]Toff: http://tinyurl.com/RsTToffYt

Current Recruitments

This is the overview of what we are currently accepting for trial. You will find the required builds below in our Profession Requirements-section.

[OPEN] DPS CombinationNear flawless DPS. You are required to select 3 DPS roles from the mandatory and secondary selection.

[OPEN] MesmersFlawless quickness and alacrity, aegis timings to block mechanics and proper CC rotations. A secondary role is required.

[OPEN] Rangers25 Might Rotations as single or double druid, decent DPS, the ability to tell and heal critical situations and proper CC rotations. A secondary role is required.

General Requirements

Excellent knowledge of raids and the professions you play asIt is easy to play at best perfomance when everything goes 100 % perfect, but when it doesn't, it really shows who knows how to play their profession!

Positive attitude, always be willing to improve and able to take/share criticismEveryone does mistakes. Everyone has opinions about strats and builds.

Willingness to adjust gear due to meta changes or testing purposesEspecially at raid releases and after balance patches.

Willingness and time to raid multiple times (min. 2 times) a weekWe take attendance very seriously and you should too.

Ability to use and speak on discordWe will help you get used to discord if you're new to it.

Profession Requirements

Here you can check for all the builds and combinations that are currently allowed for our trial.

DPS Combination

Mandatory Selection: Choose 1 and proceed.Secondary Selection: Choose 2 (1 [Power] and 1 [Condition]).__Mandatory Selection


Secondary Selection

[Power/Condition] any non-picked mandatory role [CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE][Power]Engineer(Holosmith)[Power]Guardian(Dragonhunter)[Power]Warrior(Spellbreaker) Cannot be picked with Berserker or Mirage[Condition]Mesmer(Mirage Cannot be picked with Spellbreaker[Condition]Necromancer(Scourge)[Condition]Ranger(Soulbeast)[Condition]Revenant(Renegade)[Condition]Warrior(Berserker)Revenant(Herald) Handkite


These are the Chronomancer gear sets you are required to have.

Low Toughness Chronomancer below 1400 ToughnessHigh Toughness Chronomancer above 1400 Toughness (Minstrel's/Giver's gear)

For now, these are the Chronomancer build setups you are required to play.


You are required to play a secondary role. You can find a selection right below.

Revenant(Herald) Handkite[Condition]Warrior(Berserker)Harrier's DruidMinstrel/Giver's Druid (above 2000 toughness)


These are the Ranger gear sets you are required to have.

Viper'sHarrier'sMinstrel's/Giver's (above 2000 toughness)

These are the Druid gear sets that are nice to have and will be considered during your trial.


These are the build setups you are required to play.

Condition Druid both spotter/spotterlessCondition SoulbeastHarrier's Regen Druid nature magicStaffless Druid

You are required to play a secondary role. You can find a selection right below.

Low Toughness Chronomancer below 1400 ToughnessHigh Toughness Chronomancer above 1400 Toughness (Minstrel's/Giver's gear)Revenant(Herald) Handkite[Condition]Warrior(Berserker)[Power] Any Power DPS from the mandatory or secondary selection of the DPS Combination-Section

Trial Procedure

If we accept your application, your trial will be held as follows:


DPS and Rotation presentation.

Fail -> Trial Ends We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.Pass -> Raid Trial You have convinced us to take you further.


Boss mechanics, personal performance and party play.

Fail -> Trial Ends We apologize but you aren't quite there yet.Partial Pass -> Partially Accepted We are willing to give you a trial period of 4 weeks.Pass -> Accepted If you liked us as well, we'd be happy to have you!

Partial Pass

Welcome to the guild! In the following 4 weeks, starting the day of your first non-trial raid, we will continue to keep an eye on you and your perfomance. This will include:

Activity on DiscordYou should an active member of our social group on discord

Attendence to raidsWe take attendence very seriously. Show up for raids! During your trial period you are require to join at least 6 raids.

Ability to improve and improviseWe will teach you our ways and help you improve your personal play style, be flexible to situations and share your ideas.

Communication SkillsDon't be shy on Discord and talk to us!

Ability to plan aheadUse our planners and fill out everything properly! Don't be the guy that always fills out everything last minute, then asks to join a status every few days!

After your trial period weeks we will either, hopefully, fully welcome you to the guild or turn you down.Your trial may end prematurely due to positive (e.g. you show us your commitment and we are highly satisfied with you) or negative aspects (e.g. terrible attendence, in denial and lack of improvement).


Interested in joining? You can find our application form here: http://tinyurl.com/RsTApplication

Please hold an API Key or a gw2efficiency link.Make sure you enable sharing for inventory as well as bank if you keep gear and food in there.


Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/bBF2ffz ! We're happy to answer anything you want to know! Alternatively you can message or drop us a mail ingame.

Thanks and happy raiding!

memeMichi.4201Toff.5719[CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE]Lakaluta.4291[CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE] Cypher.3264

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