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Rev on ritualist track? Solution to rev issues


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Hey Everyone,

Hope all is well for you all. While my computer is being repaired I thought I would check in with the forums on my phone and address an idea I thought of when playing through POF. Spoilers ahead!!! You have been warned...

So, as it is very apparent, people are not happy with the Rev as it currently is. The Rev itself was a magnificent idea and great for lore. I just don't think it was implemented as well as it could have. I have a solution to this problem and it is found in the Lore of GW1. With the latest expansion of GW2 the Rev got the new elite spec which channels spirits and brings them to life. These spirits are limited in function and die fairly easy from what I experienced in the demo, haven't gotten to play it in game yet because I just finished story with my necro. These limited abilities are what we found that early ritualist in gw1 started with before they were the ritualist we saw in the game. "Before magic, the Ritualists focused on channeling spirits from the Mists. They relied upon the strength and wisdom granted to them by their powerful ancestors whom maintained a connection to their descendants. Through their spirits, the Ritualists were able to practice magic, or something close to it." The ritualist in GW1 used this kind of limited summoning like we see the Rev currently use with it's new specialization before they were able to use magic, by channeling the mist. My suggestion, theory, idea, is that the next elite specialization for the Rev should channel the next stage of the ritualist in GW1 "When magic was granted by the gods, many of the original abilities were strengthened and merged into their modern form. Though still relying on the power of the dead, their original skills are no longer a visible part of the profession.Ritualists are masters of spirits, able to call upon them in battle for aid. They are the only profession capable of summoning allies that will both aid your team and hinder your enemies, unlike the Ranger's nature rituals or Necromancer's minions." This way the Rev is a heavy armor summoning class that can do it properly and GW1 players can finally have their ritualist back in GW2. I know I would love it.

I loved the POF story! Love the expansion so far! All the developers did an amazing job and I thank you all so much for GW1 and 2 and all the work you put into them.

Thanks everyone,Eternal

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