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Art Issues: Characters, Weapons, Armor - [Merged]

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Item: Chaos GlovesRace: CharrGender: MaleProfession: Revenant


The Chaos Glove skin is not looking how it should. The light's brightness is down and these lines can be seen on the hands. I think it may be a shaders issue or something with the Mac Client.

Shaders set to Low:tOKUluu.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/tOKUluu.png

Shaders set to High:2nmJ850.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/2nmJ850.jpg

It's a shame since I paid for this awesome glove skin and I can't fully enjoy it... :(

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Item: Archon CoatRace: CharrProfession: Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer. The Archon Coat skin hides any glove armor, and you cannot even hide gloves to wear no gloves at all. This became the case a

The problem is not on my end. I am not using a modified version of the game and the problem appears regardless of graphics settings. it appears on both my desktop and my laptop, and my friends can s

I can also confirm this happens on more than just male human. Tested so far with male and female sylvari, male asura, female charr, and female norn. Some race/gender combinations seem to be less sever

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Item: Heroic/Dragonblood FocusRace: AsuraI believe this may have been posted in here before, but I can't locate it. The two new Foci added by All or Nothing's Dragonsblood collection are both bugged on Asura, displaying off-center/clipping into the hand. Considering how much these weapons are hyped up during the story, it's IMMENSELY discouraging to see it clip through my commander's hand!This thread had better pictures than I was able to takehttps://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/65518/heroic-dragonblood-focus-asura

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Item: Noble Count OutfitRace: HumanGender: FemaleClass: N/A (Guardian)

Description:The dress of this outfit is too long, I can't easily see my beautiful shoes.The shoes are so beautiful, can't easily see it. I am very sad.Can shorten the skirt so that the shoes can be seen at any time?Or launch a new dress with the same shoes.I will so happy.Thank you


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Item: Back itemRace: CharrGender: MaleClass: Engineer

Description:After swith to use two-handed weapon (Rifle, Elixir gun, Flamethrower) back itemshifted forward-up to the neck at a strange angle, besides in the window of preview it all ok.when using one-handed weapon (Pistol, Shield) problem is not observed.Please correct back-items location.Thank you.

normal Back item positionInzSKRH.jpg

weapon onXrlHdcj.jpgUjJXUuC.jpg

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Looks like someone already posted this but I'm going to post it again anyway to confirm. I think this is an issue with more than these backpieces but these are the one I've noticed it on.

Item: Beetle Incubator backpieceRace: CharrProfession: AllGender: MaleThe backpiece does this really jarring thing where the bottom of it will...lift? off of the character's back when drawing a 2 handed weapon. I've only noticed it with the greatsword and could not replicate it with axe/warhorn on my necro. I don't currently have any other 2 handed weapons on this character to try it on, but I do have a Birthday Blaster which also replicates the problem when held. So to me, it appears that this backpiece starts semi floating off of the character's back when wielding a 2 handed weapon if the character is a Charr. It's particularly jarring because it will "snap" back to being flush with the back during certain animations or when stowing weapons, etc.How it normally looks:Q4GsE3K.png

How it looks when holding 2 handed weapons:ZzUqlzR.pngmPpgvHv.png(also fun to note that the Birthday blaster clips straight through my character's arm too, didn't notice that til now.)

Item: Legion JetpackRace: CharrProfession: AllGender: MaleThis backpiece does the exact same thing as the Incubator and I got it to come up when wielding the flamethrower on my engi.How it normally looks:dBtio8U.png

How it looks with 2 handed weapons:1xqbDZy.png

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Item: Casual Clothing OutfitBug: dye channelsDesc: this outfit comes with a separate dye colour for shirt and trousers when it is original colour, but it only has 3 dye channels and one of them controls both shirt and trousers together meaning you cannot differentiate the dyes. Could you please add a 4th dye channel to this outfit so you can dye the shirt and trousers in separate dyes?


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Item: Spearmarshal's Tassets (and Spearmarshal's Breastplate)Race: HumanGender: FemaleClass: Heavy Armor

Description:The Spearmarshal's Tassets create a significantly visible hole in the character model's back. Wearing the Spearmarshal's Breastplate magnifies the issue to some degree. The breastplate creates a very slight hole by itself, but the tassets cause one that is clearly visible. It is visible independently of chosen physique (etc.) it seems.There are also some clipping issues on the left leg when viewed from behind depending on how the character stands, as well as more visible clipping issues on the right leg when view from the front.

https://i.imgur.com/SJzPiZJ.jpg (2600x1350, 2MB)

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My Asura butt on display while changing outfits,when changing outfits or sometimes hide/unhide headwear on my NA account all clothing below waist disappears for a second or two, depending on what outfit sometimes footwear is gone or sometimes is on, only happening on my Asura Necro character, thought only i could see this but no, EVERYONE can see this :(https://imgur.com/a/32AtLkV

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Item: Two-Handed Weapons (Staff/GS/Longbow Etc.)Race: HumanGender: Male

Description:Anytime I use my Cosmic Mining Tool on a node, Two-Handed weapons break loose from the back and go sideways. My Male Norn has no issues with this. This only happens on my Male Human toons.


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Item: Frostfang, legendary Axe.Race:NornGender:Male and female

Description: Hello.So after some long time i was finally able to end the chase for my first legendary, and since im enjoying the game playing warrior with 2 axes i was greatly dissapointed how the ice shards and overall effects bug out while transmuting it to offhand weapon, cuts the texture in half.When you wear a glove the effects are basically invisible on offhand.fgzXpEr.jpg

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Item: Arah Dungeon Armor, heavy male set ("Grasping Dead")Race: SylvariGender: MaleProfession: Herald

Problem:"Belt" of white light appears around character's waist when armor is equipped.

  • Appears to be generated by or tied to the breastplate piece in particular.
  • Possibly related to Sylvari glow, as the "belt" is roughly the same color as my glow.
  • Only appears when Shaders are set to high. Does not appear with medium Shaders.
  • Does not appear on stat screen or main menu character select.

Images of problem:https://i.imgur.com/leKtbU2.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/3hRQbqU.png

"Belt" disappears in stat screen and main menu:https://i.imgur.com/tVG8iPV.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/EZtgsgA.png

"Belt" disappears when using medium Shaders:https://i.imgur.com/aWG5EKj.png

In the case that this helps, here are the glow choices for my Sylvari:https://i.imgur.com/zXfHe8e.png

I would really love for this to get tweaked, as I just crafted Sharur and am trying to make an Arah/Orr-themed character! Thank you for your time and attention <3

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Item: Blossoming Mist Shard GlovesRace: HumanProfession: ElementalistGender: Male

Not sure if this is just on male human characters, but the armor dye for the Blossoming Mist Shard Gloves is a bit strangehttps://imgur.com/AH9PQng

The metallic parts of the gloved armor also dyes the fabric that covers the hand. However, when dyeing the metallic parts of the other armor parts, this does not occur. However, I do believe I have a solution;

  1. Make the outline/trim of brown around the black cuffs of the gloves, and the metallic armor, the same dye channel.
  2. Make the fabric that covers the hand, its own dye channel. All you need is just a minor switch of which channel affects which armor part. Again, I am not sure this is intentional or not, but it frustrates my inner fashionista.

Edit: I checked with the female light version, and these gloves look the way I also envisioned the male light armor version.https://imgur.com/a/pfLDZlU

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  1. Other players cannot see the infusion sometimes.
  2. The infusions do not visually stack as they are supposed to after you move maps, enter an instance, or take off and re-equipt the ring.Unlike other Stacking infusions with different stats, Confetti will not visually stack in instances other than the one where you equip them.Below is a video demonstrating it.
    Confetti Infusion has four components:
  3. Confetti itself.
  4. A red swirling ribbon
  5. A white swirling ribbon
  6. A green swirling ribbon.Each subsequent confetti, as shown, is supposed to increase the amount of confetti, and add one of each ribbon, per infusion.Please let me know if you can or will fix this, I spent a lot of time farming for these infusions.
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