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Art Issues: Characters, Weapons, Armor - [Merged]

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Divine Conquerer Outfit is bugged for female charr, at least when I preview it. It made the eyes looked quite different. On male charr, at least mine, it will make the jaw open a bit more wider usual, and is more ridgid looking. I don't know if this will also affect the real in game model too.



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On 9/30/2022 at 3:50 PM, Talandael.6148 said:

Race - Charr

Gender - Male

Class - Necromancer

Item - Antitoxin Gloves (s1-e4 reward)

Description/issue - (Visual bug) The gloves themselves seem to have a dye channel/layer or something that cause them to conflict with whatever boots are equipped at the time and cause various visual bugs which also affect the boots you wear. Causing the layer to include your hands and cause some interesting... effects as a result. Such as missing textures, recoloring the boots, removing the hands. Screenshots included of both hero panel and in-game after playing around with the dye channels on the boots and gloves only. Using bright dyes to emphasize this.


https://imgur.com/7MHsfEB ascalonian performer boots

https://imgur.com/HXzKqhV - mursaat brogans 

https://imgur.com/HyHuZg9 - flamekissed shoes.


Apparently all of this is clientside for the person wearing it because I just asked someone else if they could see this and they said my hands were still there for them.

I'm having the same issue. It's extremely annoying. 

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If Medium armor is worn by Sylvari female and it has small shoulder pads then then right one will be so compressed that it clips with the model. If you compare Scarlet's Magitech Armor with the skin then on female Sylvari Scarlet's shoulders are the correct size and the moment you put it on a female Sylvari player model the right shoulder clips through the shoulder armor as it gets compresed. The left is fine. The issue is specifically with the right. There's no isue on females of any other race, only female Sylvari, for Medium armor, and it's so annoying.

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So it it started recently. I played 2 days ago and it wasn't there. Now this particular hair (or maybe many, but noticed on this one) is clipping into character's body, armor and through armor. It looks like hair is too long now. At first I thought it has something to do with particular armor, tried different ornament, then without armor. It's weird.


Here some screenshots of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/YSm76zu

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Went to Gilded Hollow and harvested the plants, but it only counted to 75%.  Then portalled to Jaka Itzel Waypoint for the Daily Maguuma Vista, which worked.  Moved around Maguuma harvesting plants and the 75% did not increase further.


Yes, I have a video but ArenaNet doesn't like providing players with the ability to directly include evidence of failures (be they video or stills) so you'll just have to trust me.  No, I'm not going to use a third-party service to upload images or video, the capability should be built into the forum.  The lack of the capability is a simple and direct demonstration that ArenaNet are not invested in properly supporting players providing feedback.

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You say you ported to Jaka Itzel WP and then moved around Maguuma harvesting plants? Which maps specifically?

If they're any of the HoT maps they won't progress Maguuma Jungle Forager, since they're Heart of Maguuma not Maguuma Jungle. 

If you read the writing on the actual achievment it states which maps will allow progression of this achievment.

They are - Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen and Mount Maelstrom.

If you didnt harvest in those five maps it will not progress from 75% to 100%

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9 hours ago, OrangeHedgehog.6310 said:

Went to Gilded Hollow and harvested the plants, but it only counted to 75%.  Then portalled to Jaka Itzel Waypoint for the Daily Maguuma Vista, which worked.  Moved around Maguuma harvesting plants and the 75% did not increase further.

First of all, to get 100% at any guildhalls, the halls must have sufficient Synthesizer level for the particular item. It seems your hall only has either the base or just Plant Synthesizers 1. Same goes for Lumber or Mining. For 100% gathering: Foraging must have Synthesis Output 2, and Lumber/Mining must have Synthesis Output 4.

Secondly, you were probably farming the wrong map: Gilded Hollow & Lost Precipice = Heart of Maguuma. Heart of Maguuma =/= Maguuma Jungle.

To assist you, take a look at Wiki's Daily for the descriptions. And also Daily/easy dailies for best places to do them. Home Instance can be used for Maguuma Jungle, Kryta, Shiverpeaks or Ascalon depending on which Home you farm at. % completions will depend on sufficient number of nodes as well.

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Thanks, folks.  I guess I must have thought it was the 'other' Maguuma area.


@Silent.6137, yes, I must have been in the wrong map area.  Apologies for not being sufficiently detailed about the guild; it has sufficient for 100% plant harvesting, which was implied by my expectation of it completing.


I just wish I had seen these replies yesterday so I could have completed the Daily. 🤣

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44 minutes ago, DeanBB.4268 said:

I must admit that even though I have played since day one, I still have to pause and figure out which Maguuma the daily is in. Did they really all have to be Maguuma?

Is it that hard to hover mouse pointer over the daily to get the information if your unsure?

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I don't know if this is a new issue or I just haven't noticed it until now, but now that I've seen it...I can't UNsee it.
(I've had this outfit for almost 2 years and it is one of my favorites)

Most other outfits or armor pieces with high neck-lines rest comfortably against the character model's neck without interference. However with "Abyss Stalker Outfit", the neck part of the outfit is thick and cuts deeply into the character model's neck - to the point that it removes part of the base model's neck, and leaves a gaping hole between the outfit and the underside of the jaw.

This is most visible when viewing the character from the side, and I can actually see straight through his head when my character is looking upward. Profile shots look like his head is disconnected from the body.
I have tested this on other races and genders, and it seems to only be an issue on Human Male. I am also running with max graphics.

Screenshots of the issue: https://imgur.com/a/VYUW3vY
Gif of where the character model's neck normally connects to the head vs when the outfit is applied: https://gyazo.com/1da66d45640f36fc95b5bc9a7b63d937

Side note: It would also be nice if the outfit aura remained consistent with the dyes instead of changing between maps. I know that issue has been reported for years now with no fix...

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Race: Human Male

A lot of clothing from leggins are clipping into the leg. This happens with 4/7 physiques, common factor is thicker thighs.

Tested and had a very close look, and I can see that the cloth molds only around the waist area. It doesn't accommodate at all the change in the legs.

(I would like to apologize for the lack of screenshots. I'm not really active on any social media so I could add a link, and have no idea how to upload pictures in here.)

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Race: Female Asura

Class: Warrior
Armor Type: Heavy Armor
Weapons: Two-Handed Hammer

Following Bug:

It appears after the latest Patch: 2022-11-29—November 29th Release Notes.

The Scarlet's Veil, a skin i've acquired long before the return of the Season 1 Episodes, appears to have bugged itself off, causing every single Hairstyle to clip out of its helmet, ruining the textures of the hair accessory during preview in any Make-Over-Kit Preview Station and Character Screen, as well as within ingame ruining the texture of the hair itself, not to mention making the top of her head cliping out of the helmet, creating a bald spot that becomes exposed.


Transmutation Helmet Skin "Scarlet's Veil" after Patch: 2022-11-29 clipping and texture breaking with every Female Asura hairstyle.

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