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Art Issues: Characters, Weapons, Armor - [Merged]

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5 hours ago, Snytchell.7869 said:

Its actually suppose to look like that, its meant to look like a ragged top for a scarecrow appearance.

That's too bad. The middle one I understand, but the one on the left and the right near the chest is very distracting. When you zoom out it's like a tiny dot of clipping.

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New Tattoo armour skins


Yet again (!!!) you have neglected to make armour that actually fits the posterior of the largest female norn shape.

There are also reported instances of z-fighting/flicker, texture shine, weird infusion interaction and wrongly-sized meshes being used for certain shapes (as in my issue above). 

I am sick and tired of buying something with actual real money only to have it look awful on my characters and end up never wearing.

We spend the majority of our time seeing the rear of our characters, so any mistakes on the back of armours are painfully obvious.

I don't want my character's bum eating their armour! 

I have asked support for refunds in the past, specifically Jora's Outfit and Scale armour skins, which also have bum and hip clipping for the largest norn female shape because they are an unwearable eyesore but have never even received a reply, let alone a refund.

Please do a proper QA pass on armour skins you sell  and actually make them work with every shape in the game, or don't allow us to use those shapes.

This is years of neglect for certain racial shapes and it's so annoying that honestly, you are just trolling us now.

Please fix.


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Edited for additional information, clarity and tone.
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Adding to the new tattoo armor, other than the material being way too reflective for something that is supposed to be skin, the material also messes with the Deldrimor Stoneskin infusion (and probably many other infusions).

Thought it would look really cool, ended up being disappointed, adding to the fact you cannot preview skins with infusions together so you have to buy it to get a bad surprise. It looks like I didn't render the textures in blender.

Overall maybe a bit too many problems for a paid skin


How the tattoos look with the infusion:



How they should look (naked character):



EDIT: I'm not sure whether or not this is an improvement... At least it's something for sure...



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Charr Female Engineer (one of the thinner body builds, which may be relevant to this issue)


Both Bestial tide tattoo skins seem to be bugged.


Multiple problems:


There is a large discrepancy with the belt size on *specifically* the Bestial Tides Tattoo skin compared to the other skins. Seen here, comparing Bestial with one of the other new tattoo skins : https://i.imgur.com/AxRvd6X.gif


The leggings for this portion of the Bestial tide armor have a bright, reflective effect to them on the one effected leg. Seen here: https://i.imgur.com/BMlKDyj.png


Additionally, all of the Tattoos advertising appears to insinuate that the belt portion of the clothes comes with the leggings. This is not true (at least, on medium armor..).  I understand some skins vary to reflect weights, but this doesn't strike me as intentional when the advertising is visibly incorrect.


It's a shame, because these skins are absolutely fantastic and a breath of fresh air from the norm, but the above issues are preventing me from purchasing them. 

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Race: Asura\Human\Charr

Gender: Female\Female\Male

Class: Thief\Warrior\Ranger

Item: Jakal skin Howling Wolf Jakal




I'd like to to say that the new Jackal Howling Wolf skin is awesome — a shaggy wolf, with matted hair in some places, with yellowed fangs, and you can even make his eyes a burning color. It's impossible to resist it and not to buy! A very expressive wolf. Moreover, he really howls like a wolf, that is amazing. 

But it seems the designers were probably in too much of a hurry to submit it on time, and accidentally copied the teleportation effects from older foxes skins. Could you please fix it, removing those pink cherry petals? Everything else suits him really well, but the petals are really out of place, they do not suit this cool and brutal shaggy wolf at all.
In the game, when you ride a jackal, you use teleportation all the time to speed up your movement, and this visual effect with pink petals looks weird and spoils the mood.

Edited by Salatas Day.7608
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Someone should look into the normals for juggernaut overlay as they are bugged with the incorrect texture.
Actually this issue goes deeper, it might be that multiple things with a dynamic texture are bugged as far as being able to properly swap to it or apply the correct offsets. I think its the right texture in some cases but its offset.

Someone should look into female chest clipping in GENERAL across multiple armour sets, someone messed with something they weren't supposed to on the dev team and that is preventing the chest from swapping to the variant models that are used for some sets.

Someone should look into the new tattoo skins becoming unable to be dyed.

Am I to understand you are training new armour designers? I am glad, they seem to be doing a good job so far. However, please make sure they don't accidentally modify random things. Someone has slippery fingers at the office. 😋

Edited by Sahfur.5612
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Hi!  I absolutely loved the Lunar Rabbit Stomper boots on my charr and thus spent money on them, because it looked really cool to have each toe armored.  I was very excited.
But after the festival ended, something happened to stretch out the toes on the charr. And the changed proportions really bothers me knowing that charr toes are not that long. And as an artist that deeply appreciated the proportions of charr legs & toes, with the time and effort put into the rigging to make them look & move right; the stretched out toes bothers me extra.
Please take your time, I know there are bigger things to do, but please consider returning the shape of the boots on the charr to what it was before and to their proper proportions.  Thank you  ❤️
[link to imgur for pictures of before & after armored charr toes]

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Hello! Please fix the Elegant Silk Scarf.  It seems to be floating when viewed from the side angles. I expected better quality for an item that's on the gem store. You could add an extra mesh under it, or just have it stick to the chest. I've tried it on different body types on human male with the same result. Can't say for the other races. Bummer when you find a really good get up on fashion wars and you see something like this.. ☹️☹️



Also,  if you could please make a black/dark version of the tahkayun wepons from  https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Long-Lost_Tahkayun's_Weapon_Stash. Even if it's a gemstore item, or an achievement reward, that would really be super awesome.


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Picture of glitch:



The skin texture on the abdominal region of the female Arborist leggings, (Sylvari cultural armr set tier 1) is messed up and creates a seam with the rest of the torso and making the skin look like a lighter color than it’s supposed to b/ does not react with infusione. This art issue has existed for a decade now.  



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