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Art Issues: Characters, Weapons, Armor - [Merged]

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CharrFemaleMesmerProblem: In PvP my Charr's voice reverts to female human. I was the only mesmer in the map and My Charr mesmer who is not traited into Mirage says "Dust to Dust, Sand to Sand" but I don't have mirage traited and I don't play human female. It happens when I'm just in the lobby as well and going against the npcs

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Item: Archon CoatRace: CharrProfession: Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer. The Archon Coat skin hides any glove armor, and you cannot even hide gloves to wear no gloves at all. This became the case a

On September 27, 2017, I made a post here in regards to the legendary shield “The Flameseeker Prophecies” not animating correctly.The weapon is supposed to animate and turn a page on the book that is mounted on the shield each time you attack.It has been months now and this issue has still not been resolved!I made a Reddit post recently that is getting some traction as people are experiencing the issue:https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/7uhjsa/the_flameseeker_prophecies_still_not_working_as/?st=JD4QFX53&sh=cbe6c142

If you look back to my post dated for September 27, 2017, I posted two links to videos showing that the shield is not in fact animating as intended. It only animates once I draw the weapon, and no more after that.It’s supposed to do so upon each attack.

Please Guild Wars 2 staff!If you could have someone look into this, it would be greatly appreciated.I’ve been very patient, it’s been over 5 months now and still nothing has been said nor done about the problem.I, as well as my fellow gamers, have put so much time and effort into Legendary crafting.It’s unfortunate that the weapon is not working as intended. It used to animate so beautifully and now feels lackluster.Please, any response would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly.

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Character model: Ugly Neck SeamRace: NornSex: FProfession: Guardian

Wasted a precious Total Makeover Kit trying to change my Female Norn Character. I chose one of the exclusive heads and tweaked about 10 other parameters.In the image I have grabbed a view with my char and the makeover kit view. The makeover kit view shows the outcome I wanted (and hero panel views), and a "normal" neck. In game you can see an ugly seam where body tone and head tone meet. Why the body tone is the colour shown I do not know.

Thank you for your attention :)


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Race: HumanSex: FemaleClass: NecromancerItem: Priory's Historical Pants


Not entirely sure if that's how they're supposed to be, but would really like it if the pant legs went all the way up, instead of mysteriously ending right before her underwear. Most of the time it's not noticeable, but when swimming or gliding, my character's underwear becomes all too visible for me, which I find rather jarring.

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Items: All Obisidan WeaponsRace: AnySex: AnyProfession: Any

Color of Obsidian Weapons are wrong when equipt, preview shows different color/effects .Even other ppl in game see this bug (so its not client-system related).It seems a few zones (like Capricorn) show the right color/effects, but almost every other zone shows the bug instead.Hard earned Ascended Shards of Glory are spend for a Bug.


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@"Yuuki.1087" said:>Color of Obsidian Weapons are wrong when equipt, preview shows different color/effects .Even other ppl in game see this bug (so its not client-system related).It seems a few zones (like Capricorn) show the right color/effects, but almost every other zone shows the bug instead.Hard earned Ascended Shards of Glory are spend for a Bug.

Just one question about this, are you this week in the "blue" WvW Team? Since i know the obsidian weapons are designed to change colour....the preview window always shows the colour of the red team, but the other 2 colours exist as well, so, when you are in the blue wvwv tem this week the weapon glows blue, when you are in the green team it glows green and when you are in the red team it should glow red....and it changes every week, depending wich team colour you get this week for your server....when that is not the case, THEN it is bugged....

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@"Oglaf.1074" said:Race: AsuraSex: FemaleClass: Any ScholarItem: Savant Coat (T3 Light Cultural)


It looks so much cuter without those bulky shoulder straps. Please fix it to work on the player as it does for Zojja...


Quoting this one because this has been for to much time and its not even a clipping issue...additional to the permanent shoulder on chest piece the worst is for such a good looking high tier armor skin...not able to show another shoulder piece is atrocious D: , pls fix k thx bai

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https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/397625959768915979/418180153395380254/unknown.pngFunerary Torch.

Your character holds it too high, and it's placed too high on the hip as well. These funerary weapons have 3 golden rings on the stick part (circled in red), if you look closely at the scepter the hand is supposed to be between the first and second ring, but with the torch it's placed ON the second ring. This looks really weird, and makes the weapons seem shorter/longer than they really are.

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Recurring issue for over 2 months: Human female characters experience extreme visual clipping in the chest area while executing the PvP finisher / "stomp" animation: https://imgur.com/a/Ek9At . It is 100% reproducible regardless of armor and graphics settings, though it is more easily noticed with certain chest armor skins. I have had about a half-dozen friends confirm this issue with a variety of operating systems, graphics settings, and armors.

This clipping does NOT occur for certain other races, e.g. female Norn characters do not have this issue.

Hi folks - 3rd time I have made a post about this on the Bug forum, and I've submitted about 10 bug reports and 2 support tickets since this bug popped up in the December 12, 2017 patch. I am hoping that by providing nearly the exact date when the bug came about and by increasing Anet's awareness of the issue, it can get the attention and fix it needs. Thanks!

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NornFemaleAlmost all shoulder gear

Issue in a nutshell is that Norn women's shoulder gear is oversized, placed too high on the body and misaligned to the actual shape of the model in question, the placement and size errors (serious eye sores) are consistent across all pieces. Their weapons and back items are also oversized by by regular amounts. I'm going to go out on a limb here that it's due to Norn women's gear appearance being filtered through a racial parameter set that is designed for the Norn males, who look absolutely nothing at all like the women... Hence the source of the eye sores. My own suggestion to fix this would be adding at least 3 new physiques for Norn women specifically that correct for whatever values drive the bloated shoulder gear syndrome, but keep the originals for those who like that. Pictures following are all old, but I refuse to spend the money on transmutation charges AGAIN to highlight a 5+ year old issue.

These are collections of pictures taken from either in game, or the updated hero window's perspective versus a makeover kit's rendering of the model which uses a corrected form. I'm asking for that makeover kit's model to be something I have access to in game. That would be over 50 characters worth of total makeover kits, but I find it worth it. Pictures to follow:Note: these are not all the ones available, and the same issue is present in PoF armors and all outfits as well.

https://i.imgur.com/1ZeNMKy.png - Heavy and medium armor examples

https://i.imgur.com/RcOv8m5.png?1 - Light armor examples

https://i.imgur.com/wgGttCM.jpg - Chronomancer shoulders

https://i.imgur.com/qmk6OzG.png?1 - Demonstration of what I suspect to be some racially defined gear alterationshttps://i.imgur.com/BCxMmgO.png?1 - Again on a different set... notice the gravity defying tilt of the shoulder gear

All I've wanted for more than 5 years is for my gear to fit my character the way that is still shown in the makeover kit previews.

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NornFemaleHair model, broken since well before launch (beta weekend events)

This is a hair style (not model) that has been shared between human and norn women since launch, but it was fixed for humans, and never for norn. Here's to hoping it sees some love... There are other hair styles with the same rather blatant issue that should be fixed, but I don't care about them specifically tbh.

https://i.imgur.com/Xl7ZNDc.png?1 - Comparison between human and nornhttps://i.imgur.com/qQOUFGF.jpg - Sorry for the red circles of obvious in the following set, again old pictures but no need to retake because the issue remains the same.
https://i.imgur.com/B7lzOuq.jpghttps://i.imgur.com/11w1LYz.jpg - It hangs through so blatantly that it looks REALLY BAD while swimming.

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I initially opened Ticket #6819285 for this issue and they recommended I post here. I am happy to provide more information, but capturing this is kind of tricky.

I recently crafted Eureka and noticed some peculiarities with the footfalls compared to the other legendaries I own. It presents as:

  • Footfalls appearing sporatically while traveling in the same direction.
  • Footfalls appearing without issue while running in one direction but not another.
  • Footfalls not appearing at all.

After continuing to play with it over and over the issue is more common/worse on HoT and PoF maps and varies with my resolution settings.

Preliminary Results:

Mistlock SanctuaryWindowed Fullscreen (1080p) - Inconsistent FootfallsFullscreen (1080p) - Inconsistent FootfallsFullscreen (1024 x 768) - Inconsistent Footfalls

Windswept HavenWindowed Fullscreen (1080p) - No FootfallsFullscreen (1080p) -No FootfallsFullscreen (1024 x 768) - Normal Footfalls

Rata SumWindowed Fullscreen (1080p) - Inconsistent FootfallsFullscreen (1080p) - Inconsistent FootfallsFullscreen (1024 x 768) - Full Footfalls

Changing the graphics settings:

WindsweptAnimation - HighAnti-Aliasing - NoneEnvironment - HighLOD Distance - MediumReflections - Terrain & SkyTextures - HighRender Sampling - Native (I make it this far and the footfalls become inconsistent)Shadows - MediumShaders - Medium (Footfalls disappear)

Rata SumAnimation - HighAnti-Aliasing - NoneEnvironment - HighLOD Distance - MediumReflections - Terrain & SkyTextures - HighRender Sampling - NativeShadows - MediumShaders - Medium (I make it this far and the footfalls become inconsistent)Post-processing - HighCharacter Model Limit - MediumCharacter Model Quality - Medium (Inconsistency has increased by this point especially while turning. Running in a straight line works in most directions.)

Unfortunately, my computer isn't the newest thing in the world so doing screen records is touch and go. I did make one video so far:

Lastly, this behavior is not an issue with my other legendary weapons on the same character in the same locations. I'm curious if the client prioritizes effects like footfalls and somehow Eurekas were set to a lower priority than other legendary weapons and are getting culled in the process.

Let me know if I can provide more info.-Qwerkk

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_Item: _Rascal MaskCharacter/Race/Class: ALL_Issue: _The lower strap that goes across across the face just clips into it and/or cuts off completely. Doesn't connect around rest of face or neck at all. Just hangs there in an obviously incomplete state. I'm at work so I do not have photos right now, but it is apparent on every character model, especially human (imo). Please fix! It's the perfect mask for my Deadeye and that issue bugs me to no end XD. Thank you.

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Item: Medium Bounty Hunter's ShoulderpadsRace: Norn, Charr, Sylvari, HumanGender: male and female of the above racesClass: all medium armor wearers


The medium Bounty Hunter's Shoulderpads cause every main hand and off hand weapon (sans shield - and it is much more noticeable with main hand weapons) to angle away from and sit further from the body. It doesn't look correct, and it is only the medium Bounty Hunter's Shoulderpads that cause this issue. Here is an example:


sword without bounty hunter shoulderpads


sword with bounty hunter shoulderpads

As mentioned above, this placement issue is present with every main-hand and-off hand weapon while wearing the medium Bounty Hunter's Shoulderpads . As the light Bounty Hunter chest armor previously had this same issue that was resolved, I figured this wasn't intended and was worth reporting.

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Character: TaimiItem: NPCPath Of Fire and on


The older Taimi model, while aware that the character is getting older and bigger, her model outside of Scruffy is merely getting resized, leaving her having a massive head, while her model inside of Scruffy is more natural.Model outside of Scruffy needs to match the Scruffy model to not look too unnatural.


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