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Crash during character creation

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Hey all,

I am quite annoyed right now, as the game won't let me create another character. At a random point during creation, the game just totally freezes while the music keeps on playing. The only solution right now is to press win and restart my pc. Until now I have tried lowering the specs to potato (no good) and just rushing through the creation process (also no good). On another note, I don't see the reason behind rushing character creation so in the end, I have to waste a complete makeover kit to make the character actually look like I want it to.

Has anyone else experienced this and knows a solution?

As it stands, I don't see any point in supporting a game that won't let me create characters to actually play it.

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I tried a whole list of things and I think what finally worked was going to the shortcut on desktop, selecting "properties" and changing the screen resolution. I also ran it as a window instead of full screen and it's the first time I've made it the whole way through character creation after trying dozens of other things.I hope that helps (I owe it to someone on another thread for suggesting going into properties in the first place.)Before this I tried to find software or hardware faults (although I was only getting the problem very specifically with GW2), guesting on another server just for character creation, running compatibility mode, all of which which seemed to be workarounds that had helped other people with this issue but didn't do it for me; you could try those too if this doesn't work for you.

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That's a whole lot of information, thanks for sharing! Also, this seems only to happen on certain machines, as with my other laptop, the potato one, I managed to create my character (same options as on non-potato) with no problems. Strange.Again, thank you so much for your insight!

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