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Roaming is evolving. In the past, you said don't play Necro & complain because it isn't suited.

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Many have told me in the past not to complain when choosing to use a Necro as a roamer because it isn't a class suited for roaming.Go play in the zergs they say, or use a roaming class.Now I would like to give this advice back to roamers who don't like the mount.Don't play your current class/build if you think it cannot dismount players reliably in this mount meta.Adapt to the new Roaming requirements and use a class/build that can work well if you want to be a roamer that can dismount players.

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This is the 4th time you've made a fucking thread....About the same thing. When your post history clearly shows you don't want anything to be advantageous to roamers in the slightest and that you're a zerg player.

Examples of past posts even though you don't give them time to get off the 1st page of WvW discussions:




You just flood it like it makes the mount look better or something. Weird flex dude. It's time to stop though.

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Now people are griping about all the pro-mount threads created despite the complete pre-mount blasting on the forums with the same negative topics hashed over and over. Several people posted dozens of times lamenting how horrible and unplayable WvW was going to be.

Pre-mount complaints: Added lag, haven't noticed it. Ruin roaming, yeah still going strong if not improved. It is going to be so OP in zerg fights... uhhh nope. Mounts are going to make taking objectives much more difficult... more fights and less PvD is now somehow a complaint apparently. Skirmish groups are going to get murdered by zergs, skirmish groups that are fully mounted are now far more difficult to take down and more efficient at flipping objectives.

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