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Suggestion: Profession Unique NPCs That Teach (optional)

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I know this won't be implemented, but I'd still love to see the profession specialists we discover in PoF "teach" us the new elites. I was rather disappointed that I could learn the new elite in the first five minutes of PoF launch. Oh, I know, it's how the game works for all skills, but I feel that this could really help a player that wants it (again, optional) delve into the lore, the profession, and have a cool companion along the way.

The specialist would teach us how to the elite works by way of scenarios. No need for the skill to be locked behind this scenario, and it isn't those terrible scenarios where you die and have to restart (just go out and use Shadow Gust a few dozen times on enemies down in the glade kinda thing). When PoF was announced and in some of the vids, I had decided in my own mind that we would experience something like this. Instead, those NPCs appear to be just NPCs you meet, and although they have some interesting things to say, there is no other reason to speak with them afterwards. That's too bad. That would have been a cool secondary storyline of Elonian NPCs with stories and cool profession-centric lore.

Might be nice if they joined Dragon's Watch as an ally in the future to boot.

Nonetheless, a suggestion I doubt would be implemented. Just writing down thoughts as I discovered my Deadeye specialist.

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