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Current state of the GW2 API (March 2019)

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It's been a few month since this question has been asked. And now after the dust after the layoffs last month has (mostly?) settled, I'd like to ask it again.

In November Daniel Snider stated, that the API is still valued and worked on. He also offered to post updates to the forum to at least communicate that the API is still alive.

This hasn't happened. API development looks as dead as it has for a long time. :( Last commit to github (api-cdi) was 3 months ago.

And since the company has recently shrunk and had to reorder their priorities I'm afraid the API could have fallen off the end of the priority list.

So, again I question: what is the current state of the API? Is it still worked on? If so: only bugfixes or is it still worthwhile to suggest features?*

*Clarification: Of course not every idea has to be implemented within days. Or at all. But if it is effectively feature frozen there is no need to clean up and write down one's thoughts into a proper suggestion.

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