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Reaper skill "Decimate Defenses" not working at all.


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The Necro/Reaper skill "Decimate Defenses" is not working, at all.

Striking a foe with Vulnerability applied to it does NOT increase critical strike chance, regardless of zone, effective level, weapon, or other skill choices. I've tested this in several zones including Verdant Brink (as it's a level 80 zone and your stats are as they should be, as in not reduced due to effective level). There is no BOON icon, there is no increase in the displayed stats within the Hero window. It simply, does not work.

Video to show bug not working:https://youtu.be/gq1CogwQWPw

You'll notice that I certainly have the most pathetic amount of crit to begin with (because I've come to rely on this trait), which means I can normally easily tell when my crit is enhanced or not. Unfortunately, I've not been playing my Necro lately so I do not know when this stopped working.

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No mention of it shown, and very few crits as well to further support it. I thought, hoped, it was a bug in the sense that it's just not showing, but it doesn't seem to be so. (I also don't believe the buff itself would show, none do unless they are doing damage directly, and they don't show under game messages such as "miscellaneous" either.) But the amount of crits I (dont) see is consistent with 4%.

This is of course unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, but I don't see anything. ?

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@Chiltonium.7643 said:I found this via google when trying to figure out why my crit isn't increasing at all, as well as no tracking of this buff. Look at char sheet, still 50% >_<

because that is not how the trait works.

It works like https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Elements and https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Danger_Time

Easily confirmed on the test golem with a naked necro and that trait enabled. The trait is working fine. The wording could use some improvements.

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