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Made in a Cave [Mic] Australian Start-up Rp Guild. [SoS]


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I'm trying to start a smallish roleplay guild from scratch, called Made in a Cave. Hoping to make some new friends to rp with regularly. The basic theme of the guild is there are two ideologically opposed factions - one idealistic, the other pragmatic - clashing everywhere they go and causing a bit of silly fun and giving us all something to rp about. We'll start off fresh and build a bit of history as we go. Events will mostly likely be on Saturday mornings (ACST) and less formal rps will be encouraged/arranged in between events, canonicity optional. There won't be much pressure to do guild missions so don't fret about that if you don't have the time. Also, we have a discord. If anyone is interested, message me (GUTCHUCKER.4169) on GW2 and we'll have a chat!

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