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Need to play a new class. Suggestions?


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If you like the constant skill-use of Engineer but don't want the pressure of their PvE rotations, I hear Elementalist is comparable yet less frantic. You're always pressing some button or another as Elementalist, but you have so many abilities to choose from at any given time that you need to keep on your toes in actively choosing which ones to use, in large part due to the shared CD for changing elements. This is especially true for their new Weaver Elite specialization.

If you're tired of spamming all the skills all the time in general, then you might consider Thief. While Thief is spammy in that it can and, in some builds, will spam the same ability over and over, most of their abilities are situational and are more about timing and positioning than just spamming away. Their initiative resource acts as a sort of global limiter of skill usage, allowing most individual weapon skills to have no cooldown at all (I believe there's a few skills in the new Elite specialization that have really short CDs of something like 3-4s, but that's it). This means that every skill you use should be methodically selected based on circumstance. Rather the opposite of mindless use-on-cooldown type skills.

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What's wrong with engineer? Been using one for about 5 years seems fine to me a support class. Not meant to be a warrior ya know. Though pretty good melee class when slap some brawler jazz on him and the right build. Personally, I Iove ol engi always provides me a fun day.Personally and respectfully, just sounds like engi just not your thing. What class next? How about all of them? I'm only missing ele plan on making one when i grab PoF deluxe to get me another slot and another lv. 80 boost. I'll have all classes. My newest fav class has been revenant, he still just support class don't expect warrior but he's kinda jack of all trades type aswell if he is set up in a specific way.

Ranger good class lotta options to mess with lotta weapons aswell, cool pets that are very helpful when used properly. Guardian I haven't found my sweet spot with him yet so im 50/50 on him at moment. Mesmer still learning her, but so far I really like her and the build I'm running. Thief and Necro currently my mules leveling them with tombs. Kinda hard level normally when they are packed full of stuff that i may need one day. I get to play them later no rush. Ele like I said don't have one yet. Warrior i just 80'ed him couple weeks ago, I never knew how hard these guys hit when set up properly, compared to all classes i just said. Well the ones that aren't mules so I can't speak on experience with them yet. But warrior seems OP compared to every class I have used (damage wise), I cut enemies down like they are trees and I'm Paul Bunyan. I been running him through hot I'm just swinging my axe left right down the middle mobs hitting the ground like bad guys in a john wick movie. Actually quiet amazed by the sheer killing speed of a warrior.

So question is, what play style are you looking for? While in away you can set every class to be melee and ranged at the same time. Just all dependent on what skills and weapons combinations you use. You want high defense want to be healer or a killer a booner a minion master wanna have a pet tank with you buffing allies wanna sit back shoot a bow you wanna dish out high DPS. I mean you only limited by your play style here heck i don't have just 1 specific play style anymore mastering all possibilities. Jack of all trades myself.

So let us know, anyone that has got all classes or even close to all classes sure with all that are here we'll have you happy and full filled in a post or 2.

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