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[Fan Story] The Assassin of Rata Sum

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NOTE: Please provide positive feedback, which is: what I did right, and what I can improve upon.Updates:09/15/2017: Updated Vini's Hooded and Hoodless pics in the main thread08/14/2017: Prologue revised again, Chapter 1 being revised.07/05/2017: Prologue revised06/25/2017: Settled on a title.06/12/2017: Some concept scenes written.01/17/2016: Chapter 12 has been added!11/20/2015: Chapter 11 has been added!

The Assassin of Rata Sum – Main Link

Note: Vini’s name is pronounced “Vi-KNEE”

There are lots of things to be changed from the typical GW2 storyline:

  • While it starts out similar to the Asura Storyline, dialogue will be changed, and the main story arc will be different.
  • The Inquest have a much bigger role, even after the ‘race arc,’ they are the primary antagonists.
  • Vini will meet my other characters in my account, who will help her out.

Point of View:

  • The Prologue is the only ‘chapter’ in first person, the rest is in third person.

Pictures of Vini:Commissioned Pic of Vini:

! http://i.imgur.com/16bIK20.pngHooded and Hoodless Pictures:! 8Fx4Fql.jpgO2FSiYl.jpg

I hope you enjoy this story! Please give feedback! This is a re-post of the old thread from the old forums, so all the comments are gone. However, it's still the same awesome story! Thank you very much!

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@czerwoni.9563 said:I was looking for a section to post my fan made story dice I started making some and I found urs. It's really good I like it a lot.

Just wanted to say I'm not stealing ur ideas mine just happens to be about a thief, Necro,rev and maybe my ranger too depends if I have room for her lol.

Thank you very much! I love writing. I have a ton of original novel ideas and an original novel I'm working on, I really want to be a novelist.

Post it here in the Community Creations, or did you mean a place to post your story online? (like fanfiction.net?)

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@arenta.2953 said:been a while since i've played gw2. upon returning first thing i thought of was this fanfic....was a pain to find with new forums <.<

glad to see this thread =D

You're in luck! As soon as I finish my Rydia Fan Fic, I'm going to start uploading revised chapters of Vini's Story! I may also stick a chapter in the middle somewhere showing how the asura of Rata Sum treat Pol--being Vini's brother. It's sad, yet you'll get to see more of Vini's protective/loving older sister side. :)

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