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API key for Hungry cat scavenger hunt

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It's working for me on the wiki and at GW2 Efficiency.

However, it's returning incorrect information.I have the all but the Shattered Observatory Cat in my home instance and the two sites show I'm missing the WvW ones and the Holokitty.I also checked via the API directly, and the data is incorrect there too.https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/account/home/cats

strictly speaking, the URL isapi.guildwars2.com/v2/account/home/cats?access_token=[API-Key]

I'll put in a note in the API forum about it.

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API key still wont show Catmanders that I already have inside my home instance @ GW2 Wiki nor @ GW2 Efficiency, I even went in home instance to check if I have those Catmanders in and yes they still are in there. How ever API key in wiki and efficiency shows that I do not have them.

This is a problem consisting the home cat section, not the minis as it shows that I have both Catmander minis in my wardrobe in the API.

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