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[BUG] Action camera targets downed states incorrectly. ( 2YR OLD MAJOR BUG )

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This bug has gone unfixed for ages and is extremely annoying to those of us who would like to use action camera more often.

What the bug is:In PvP action camera will incorrectly prioritize downed players over the target you are pointing at.

How to reproduce.

  1. Down an enemy player
  2. wait for another enemy player to start ressing them
  3. aim at the player who is ressing the downed playerRESULT: It locks your abilities onto the downed player and will NOT let you target the ressing player 9 out of 10 times.

So if you want to use action camera in PvP you have to switch to tab target in order to target for a rez interrupt.

This puts action camera at a HUGE disadvantage for use in WvW and it's kind of annoying that this bug has existed unfixed for so long. Please anet look into this and finally fix this massive bug that has existed for over 2 years now.

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