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4k Resolution?

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So I made a Support ticket but I can also ask here maybe someone has a solution to the problem?

I will just Post the Support ticket for convinience :astonished:

:::Good Morning,my name is RedScaledOne ingame and XXXX outside of the game.I love Gw2 especially HoT and PoF 2 really really wonderfull and marevelous additions.XX

But I have 1 really, really gigantic problem and please read this ticket till the end..

I have a high end Computer with a big screen I run everything in 3840X2160The problem I have for 2 month straight now, is that the Interface is way to small for this resolution, I can not make the resolution smaller because my monitor doesn't support that resolution 3840X2160 is already the smallest resolution I can set (It is a really really new Monitor):::

There where also 2 solutions to this but for the sake of my privacy and my face I shall not post them here.

Someone has an idea?

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