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LFG (Dutch)


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Hi guys.

Looking for a dutch guild with a active discord.LFG – Looking for Guild/group (never been in a guild would love to try it out.PvE – Player vs Environment; includes all non pvp content. (playing condi PS doing most of the time fractals t4's trying to learn them like a pro)WvW – World vs World; serverbased realm vs realm mode. Large scale pvp. (never done this would love to but i need another set of gear i heard so maby later)PvP – player vs player, competitive and balanced pvp mode. (doing this allot ranked want to be a pro but its hard 1200 rating)

What i am searching for is a dutch guild with some mentors that can teach me the game to be a pro in pve+pvp

if there is a guild out there let me know.

Kind regards,Wajjowww

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