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Hacking/Bug Abuse in SPvP


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There was a necromancer I played just a few minutes ago with. A team mate had warned me of that person cheating. I did not believe it as random complaints of cheating seem like hyperbole, but as the match progressed I realized the player could teleport at will to any location, have unlimited death shroud and even revive itself without other player interaction.

So I went to report the use as it was quite obvious after witnessing it my self.

I tried reporting for match manipulation and was instantly disconnected the moment I sent the report. canceling my reportso I go back through the chat log to report the player again after logging back on and I cannot report the player for match manipulation.

The other categories do not fit the crime.

Please help mods I feel like this player may be aware of a very bad oversight that could really damage Anet's reputation not to mention other players experience

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Next time, you can just report them for botting; that option is used for suspected botters, "illegal" 3rd party program users (some of which would cause the behavior you described), and afk farmers. If you happen to remember the player's name, and especially if you have any screenshots, you can also send an email to exploits@arena.net explaining what you saw.

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