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[NA][DH] Casual/Veteran player looking for PvE/Rp guild.


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Hiya folks!

Shogak here! Been playing GW2 on and off again since around launch and I've finally given in and am trying to find a guild to join!Given that this game is so solo friendly I typically run around and do my own thing (my map chat is perma-muted lol) but I'd like to spice it up moving forward with this new expansion.

Some info about me:

I'd like to consider myself a semi-hardcore PvE'er; I typically run meta builds, speed run through dungeons, pug t4 fractals, etc. I'd like to give raiding a shot in a low-stress kind of environment. I've got a whole bunch of ascended shinies for every profession (don't really have a main profession but I'm partial to engi/rev/ele) and I'd like to think I'm a pretty competent player. I am by no means an elitist; I'm more than willing to work with people less experienced than me as well as learn from those that have gone through the ropes.

I did quite a bit of RP in WoW and really had a blast with it. I really enjoy writing little stories and going on RP campaigns and it would be nice to get that same kind of immersion with this game. I would love to look at Tyria in the same light as Azeroth! RP isn't a must for me in a guild but it's definitely a plus!

I've dabbled with PvP and WvW but I'm not super into it. Wouldn't mind getting demolished in those game modes every now and then just for the laugh though.

I'm in my early 20s and can typically be found playing after 5pm (EST) on weekdays and pretty much whenever on weekends.Willing to use voice chat!

Ultimately just looking for cool people to hang out and enjoy the game with. Feel free to leave a reply here or shoot me a message in game. I look forward to chatting!

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