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pets need superspeed to land an attack against walking enemies, so ANET should make it passive


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for all pets, for all range specializations.

Proof:take a guildie to the guildhall and tell him run or just walk in a circle and then set your pet on him. Try it without buffs, with swiftness and with superspeed. The pathfinding is so bad, even with superspeed pets are mostly usless against moving enemies. I'm not even talking about obstacles which renders pets useless.

Suggestion:All pets need at least superspeed or this speed the mesmer pets use.

I play PVP, WVW and don't care for pve balancing, because.. whats the point of pve balancing?

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We already have a minor trait in the Beastmastery line (Pet's Prowess) that buffs the pets speed so it shouldn't be difficult for them to at least double that speed buff.

Although I'd prefer it to be baseline, I'd settle for a buff to Pet's Prowess as I usually end up taking Beastmastery anyway.

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