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[EU][PvX][WvW] Vikings On Shrooms [VoS]

Sniper Jebus.7190

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Vikings on Shrooms

GH Based PvX Guild


[Vikings On Shrooms](http://www.vikingsonshrooms.com/) is coming to Guild Wars 2! We are a multinational gaming community who have been focused primarily on Black Desert Online for some time but have finally decided to transition over to Guild Wars 2 while we wait for Star Citizen and are looking to recruit new and active members. Our primary focus will be PvP (Mostly WvW on Gunnar’s Hold) but we will also be participating in various PvX activities up to and hopefully including raids.Our only requirements are that you represent the guild, use discord, are active and understand/speak English.


PvE---While we plan to mainly focus on PvP and WvW we do have members who will be primarily focusing on PvE most likely centred around Fractals and Raiding as well as general map content in HoT and PoF. There will as well be regular guild missions which will be mainly focused around the weekend when the most people can benefit from them.

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

Raid---While we are not primarily a raiding guild we will be attempting to get our foot in the door when it comes to raiding to provide it as an option for our members. As such we are looking for like-minded people interested in developing the raiding side of the guild for anyone interested in the content.

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

WvW---While we are relatively small in number currently we are looking to heavily develop the WvW portion of our roster to begin to be competitive in the scene as we have been previously in BDO when it came to the siege style gameplay. Due to this we are looking for both people that want to relax in WvW as well as more serious players looking to get into it more competitively. The majority of our members coming from inside the community will be fairly new and as such the more experienced players will be providing basic training to anyone and everyone that asks for it so even if you feel like you are not good enough yet that should not put you off!

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

Discord---The community has a very active discord spamming many different games so there is usually something for everyone to enjoy or jump into. While speaking on Discord is not a requirement, you will be required to at least register on the Discord before joining.

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

How to join---If you are interested in joining the guild or even just interested in joining the community everyone is welcome. Feel free to join the [Discord](https://discordapp.com/invite/BGQF549) or contact us ingame.

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

Contact Details---Sniper Jebus.7190Gravenlord.8146Freddii.2980

‌‌ _______________________________________________________________________‌‌

Look forward to seeing you all in-game and on the battlefield!

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