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Signet of Ferocity buff disappears everytime after mounting Warclaw in WvW


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The Signet of Ferocity buff gained from activating signets disappears everytime after mounting Warclaw in WvW. This does not happen with Berserker's Power nor Adrenal Health.Haven't tested this in PvE, but it is probably be the same.EDIT: After quick test in PvE, it disappears everytime after mounting any mount. It seems this special buff was forgotten :(

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When you use the mount, the player stats are lowered to 0 ferocity so perhaps the code that is responsible for reading the ferocity attribute is deleting the signet ferocity and resetting it to 0.

Other attributes work fine, for example:

  • All boons work well on the warclaw and increase the tributes of the mount.
  • Regeneration works fine, fury works fine, protection fine, etc...

So the fact that signet of ferocity buff is disappearing could be because the code is bugged and forces a reset to 0 ferocity, thus deleting the buff.I am 100% sure this is a bug or else boons, and all other classes buffs and attributes will also get removed on mount, but that is not the case.So, perhaps you need to open a ticket with a bug report.

But frankly speaking I don't care if they fix this bug. I never use that signet and the buff we get is about 100 ferocity average. I rather have Anet fix more important bugs!

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