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Joko armor set/ outfit

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Joko is one of the best characters in all Gw1 and Gw2 and i love to cosplay like him the same way we got other characters outfit all dragons watch members logen retlock armor setbalthazar etc etc.im really happy that we manage to get his staff in collection but it will be sooo good if we can have the same outfit of palawa joko since 90% of game community like that characterhope the dev consider blessing the community with joko fashion outfit or armor set.

praise joko ;)

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@PlagueParade.7942 said:I'm still wondering why we haven't gotten a Kormir outfit yet....


I understand not making a Melandru outfit - probably the previous god outfits didn't sell so well (the Dwayna one is rather poorly made, IMO), so having all the trouble of making a new model from scratch for the Melandru one was likely seen as not cost-effective, ok.

But for Kormir... We already have an in-game model. Of course it would still need more work, but less than making something completely new.

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