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[NA][PvX][Better Together Sometimes][TIME] Recruiting players that like a mix of solo and group play


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Hi all,

This is a brand new guild, and at least for now I plan for it to be a very casual, hands-off guild. The goal is to gather chill, friendly people into a group without the pressure to be overly active or social. If you like to play solo, but also want to have a group of cool people on standby to play with, then this is the place for you!

No rep requirements, no requirements for logging on with a certain frequency, just the requirements that you are kind and respectful to others.

As mentioned, this guild is brand new, and is very small. If you're okay with that, and the idea of casually joining a group of chill people that you can be better together with sometimes interests you, let me know!

*Please note, just because you don't HAVE to be overly social, doesn't mean that you're not allowed to be. :)

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