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[EU][GH] Looking for casual PvE/PvX guild with a friend :)


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Hi,So I'm an old veteran - started playing this game while it was still in BETA, then a lot after the official release but unfortunately I wasn't so much into PVP, and as the PVE endgame content was limited to farming for legendary I got bored... and Now I'm back after... a lot of years and I brought a friend with me!

We'r currently on Gunnar's Hold server. I'm mostly interested in PVE but some of WvWvW is an option as well - same goes for my friend. We are casual type of players - we just play when we have the time, usually 2-3 hours per day, sometimes skipping some days. I have a fully levelled Guardian with (i Guess) Decent eq - old one was outdated unfortunfately (and it was soooo good back in the day ;((( ), friend is going for Necro but he's still around 60lvl.

We wouldl ike to focus on dungeons/fractals for now since it's been so long.... I want to experience it again ^^

Our Timezone is +1 CET

Anyway - I see a lot of guilds here posting threads but I thought that I want to find a long-lasting guild so my approach is different this time. I'll let guild scout for me - not the other way round. This will show that guild is serious and I hope it'll prove that it'll last a long time (well... I wish that's connected :D)

All in all - My discord is Hilf#0695 - we are both polish/english speaking so communication shouldn't be a problem

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Hey there!

First of all, welcome back! I can absolutely understand that the end game content a while ago was a bit lacking. Dungeons weren't really enough to keep a lot of the player base satisfied but there has been so much added since! Fractals now go up to level 100 and doing the higher tier ones every day is extremely lucrative. Raids are added to the game now and they're very fun especially if you run with regular or static groups that are friendly, willing to train and just have fun along with getting the weekly kills. There has been a ton of story and achievements added to the game as well. Some of them are available for free right now as Anet prepares to release the final episode of this living world season. I think you'll find there has been a lot of quality of end-game life updates added since you left and hopefully you'll really enjoy the game as it is today. We're looking at another raid being added soon, new fractals are being regularly dropped in and the story is still being pushed out with Season 5 set to follow some time after this final episode release.

The Arctic [Arc] is an EU based guild that is primarily on Gandara server for WvW but most of our players focus on PvE content. We do have a great WvW commander in our guild, though, and some folks who enjoy playing PvP as well. If you're curious about some details, you can check out my previous post on the forums that lists some of the activities and the only 2 small rules that we have for the guild.

In general, though, we're pretty casual and willing to help out if you need some advice or assistance to get back into the game either with builds, stories, training, anything. We don't have a requirement for you to represent the guild so if you want to join to just give it a shot or think you'll be happier hopping between other guilds as well, that's perfectly fine. We just want our members to have a good time and not feel pressured.

If you are interested or you have any more questions, you can reply here or send me a message either on the forums or in game to OpLickem.8250. If not, I still hope that you and your friend have a great time back in GW2!


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