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WvW Participation from Repeatable Achievements?


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I had a thought that builds off of my thread on WvW needing players that lose. A person can do a lot of things right and still get defeated in an encounter thanks to [insert excuse here] (mistake, build imbalance, gank, luck, hacks, etc). I know not everyone needs encouraging to quietly get back into WvW but I'm certain there are also people that will openly complain over their wasted efforts or more likely, leave WvW and let it languish further.

I have an idea where WvW has a set of repeatable achievements to keep track of certain actions during a fight with another person in WvW. Things like evading a special attack (not skill 1), interrupting a heal, interrupting any other skill, denying a finisher. Things that are done when a player is invested in the fight. I'm sure you guys have other ideas that show when a player is not just fighting by rolling out actions without thought or aimlessly pulling off a rotation.

Keep track of instances of these actions as a repeatable achievement and when a certain number is reached, award what I'm calling an essence of participation which immediately give the player WvW participation and a 15 minute buffer from decay. I think being able to keep track of these actions and seeing progress towards a small reward like this might give the encouragement needed for people who tend to lose fights to come into WvW and try to actually fight with others without thinking that best case scenario, they get defeated and sent to spawn. Actually, I think it'd be nice just to be able to keep track of some of these stats, combat logs can be such a mess to parse.

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