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[PvE][NA] Secret Guild is Secret [HIDE] is recruiting :D


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About HIDE

  • HIDE is a smaller but active guild with 30+ members ranging from casual to "it's 4am, you've been raiding for 8 hours, and we all think you should go to bed now". We focus on PvE (especially group content like raids, dungeons, metas, etc) but all styles of players are welcome. Our group is also LGBTQ friendly, diverse, and inclusive.

  • NA based and English speaking, but we do have an Australian guy, so that's almost something.

  • New to the game? Let us show you around! Looking to take your skills up a notch? We have members who love to teach! Our content is designed for both new and experienced players, with varying levels of difficulty so that everyone can have a chance to join in. Experience is great, but an interest in growing and expanding your gameplay is what really makes the difference.

  • Guild events take place weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 1 hour after reset (8pm EDT). Tuesday: Rotating PvE events and raid clears, Thursdays: Guild Missions, Fridays: Training Raids. Note: The content of our events may change over time, depending on what members are interested in. Of course, events aren't limited to just the weekly guild activities, and many members use our discord ping channel to pull together groups throughout the week.


  • NA server and 21+ (20 and under welcome w/reference from existing member)

  • Be aware of others' needs and treat them well. We care about learning and increasing performance, but higher tier gameplay should be about growing your own skills, not tearing others down. Jokes, sarcasm, etc are a big part of our community; please just make sure it's friendly, and be respectful to those who aren't as comfortable with that sort of communication.

Application Link


A HIDE admin will contact you in-game after we've read your application. Feel free to contact me here with any questions, or mail Deekkru.5128 in-game.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day! <3

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