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Rytlock and Sohothin (Spoiler Alert)


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In Rytlock's version of "Requiem" it is stated that Logan offered to return Sohothin to Rytlock, but Rytlock refused to accept the sword for the time being, saying it has cost him friends and other things. Could the game creators be aiming toward letting us get Sohothin from Rytlock because he might not want it anymore, or do you think the game creators will still want us to play the first game of the series to get a Fiery Dragon Sword? My guess is the latter. I just wish there was an alternative to getting a Fiery Dragon Sword though that is equally challenging.

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They won't ever make the FDS skin available outside the Hall of Monuments. But it should be noted that as of PoF, Sohothin's model was changed to not match a the Fiery Dragon Sword skin anymore. It has more details, a larger dragon head, etc.

I'm rather doubtful they'll give such a plot-important device to the Commander soon, given the fact that it's primary plot purpose - curing Ascalon of the Foefire curse - has yet to be completed. Maybe once that's done, we'll get it (and a tint-color alt skin for Magdaer) in the same style as Caladbolg.

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