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[NA] LFG on Devona's Rest [PvE, PvP, WvW, Casual]


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Hello! My husband and I are currently looking for a guild and so far we've been a bit overwhelmed by the options.

We're on Devona's Rest and I would say we're casuals in the sense that we won't be a good fit for a guild with time requirements as we're both adults with jobs. But we play almost every night! We live in NA in CST and we're both very interested in getting into PvP and WvW. We're coming from WoW after being a bit burnt out on their content and we loved PvP on WoW but have never tried it here.

We both played GW2 many years ago so there are a lot of new things we're not 100% familiar with yet. But honestly, we're interested in trying it all out!

The ideal guild for us would be a family friendly one if at all possible. Neither of us are big fans of people whose vocabularies are 99.9% swear words or think it's fun to graphically talk about sex with strangers on the internet.

I play a Necro and he's a Guardian.

We look forward to meeting some people to adventure with!

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