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returning player, need a guiding hand

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. I have been playing on and off since beta. i am a player with some physical challenges. I'd like to play more often, but i have social anxiety and would love to find a regular group to play with. i am resuming my studies in june so it would have to be super casual. i also struggle with the combat due to my condition, and would like to find an easier way to play. my main goals are leveling and masteries, as well as wvw. any help would be aprreciated

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I would recomend necromancer as class to deal with the issues of combat difficulty. The class can be very friendly for ease of use with its pets and the necromancer innate tankiness.

Ranger would work too with his pet.

As far as finding like minded players, there is a lot of casual guilds in this game and even more players who casually play. Fingers crossed you find a guild to your liking. Also make sure to look for either EU or US, depending on where your account is.

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