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I wish we could move the UI / skillbar around

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I like to play my game with my character closer to the screen but the UI takes up so much space. Why cant we move it around like we did in GW1? =/ It would breathe new life to the game for me if I could move the Skillbar out of the middle of the screen to the left or to the right. At this moment the game is really only playable if you zoom out so that the UI isnt blocking your character which sucks for those of us that like to play with the character closer to the screen.

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Ui seems glued on GW2, six years after launch and we can't even disable tagnames for party / squad, nor of your own pets/minions. This long after launch that can't be an oversight.

It seems to me, that regardless of how much QOL gets added to the game, it's totally not going into ui.

There's a setting to reduce the ui size, I play with it at minimum to give me the most real state, I also like playing zoomed into my character. :D

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I really wish we had a full UI rework. Between...

  • Making the UI more customizable
  • Allowing us to resize windows, such as the item preview window (which is WAY too small)
  • Changing how we preview dyes in the item preview window (as it is, it's WAY too clunky)
  • Changing the way the menus have been organized in the Hero menu

And so on, there's a lot to be done. This will probably be forever in the "things we know won't happen", though.

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@Neural.1824 said:Number 1 problem with the UI is the selected target information being in the top center of the screen. Looks pretty in screen shots, but during fights it's exceedingly annoying.

This. While it's fine against small targets, against large targets, the nameplate prevents me from seeing what the heck I even have targeted. Combined with all the visual clutter, I find this game's combat to be pretty mindless and unengaging in a lot of situations. Large PoF events, such as Istan or PoF bounties, really highlight these issues. I seriously regret spending so much on this game before I knew about these. :disappointed:

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