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Mounts Ruining Gameplay

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I love mounts. I think they bring a lot to game play but the roller mount is making dailies to do events sometimes take 30+ minutes because people "roll around" and take them out before anyone can do anything. Its not just dailies btw. I don't know what the solution is but its not getting rid of mounts nor roller mounts but its a problem. Flame me all you want. Its an unfortunate aspect of any mechanic that can grief people will be used by enough people to grief others to make the game painful. Its really impacting new players and that's a parrot of what I have been told by friends wanting to play. It might even be leveraged by your competitors to make your game unappealing which may sound far fetched until you consider the cut throat industry this has become. It reminds me of the "must be 80" to run a dungeon days that thankfully is dead.

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Yeah, unfortunately the players with a free account cannot complain on the forum, but I'm sure many of them don't like it as well. On the other hand you can't say remove them because veterans are now too used to them and it would be too boring to do a map completition for the 40th time without.

I think a good compromise would be to remove completely the engage skill on maps <lv80. Seriously, every character is more than able to kill mobs without using mounts on those maps. Still keep them for the travel speed, but there's no need to kill 8 mobs with a tail spin (often pulling them away from other players).About the beetle... we have even races in low lv maps, I really don't think they ever considered to remove them.

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